Top 10 Unanswered Questions About NYC

I walked until my feet hurt.  I photographed EVERYTHING in sight.  I ate some of the most delicious food.  I walked some more.  OK, walking was all we did for 4 days but still, NYC was a heckuva vacation with my former co-workers, VJ and JWingo.

NYC: The Mets

There were many highlights: my first MLB experience with the Mets, seeing Rockafellar with my own eyes, Times Square at night, Central Park, 5 Napkin Burger… But seeing Dave Letterman’s Late Show was topping the list.  And Dave was GREAT!!!

NYC: Letterman

Disappointment only settled in once the show was ending and I realized that Dave didn’t do the Top 10 – he spent all of that time razzing the newly weds in the audience.  Boo, Dave.  Good thing John Goodman was a helluva guest because I might have been heart broken if all we heard was razzing, the little Irish comedian and Mastadon’s hell bent music.  So to make myself happy, I compiled my own Top 10 list to honor my first trip to the Big Apple.


• My Top 10 Unanswered Questions About NYC •

10.  Are you sure The Cosby Showwasn’t filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?  Because I’m pretty sure that’s the Huxtable house we keep walking past.

NYC: Huxtables

9.  Am I supposed to be scared to look people in the eye?  There goes people watching on the subway.

NYC: The Subway

8.  What if I don’t want to laugh, Dave?  It’s effing cold in here and my pigs are turning to popsicles!

7.  Is it really OK to wear a Jeter jersey to a Mets game?  And what is a Met?

NYC: The 7th Inning Stretch

6.  Can we pack Jimmy’s Diner in bubble wrap and UPS it to Louisville?  I could really use a cornbread bowl this morning.

NYC: Jimmy

5.  Why do all of these people lay on the grass?  Don’t they know animals use it to relieve themselves?  I bet $20 the dog walkers don’t lay in the grass.

4.  Does Magnolia Bakery deliver?

NYC: Magnolia Bakery

3.  How long would Times Square stay alight if humanity ceased to exist?

NYC Times Square

2.  Food cost HOW much?!?!?!

1.  When can we visit JWingo again?

NYC: Jimmy

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