I Love This Doggin

I heart my doggins.  Love them to death.  Actually, I like most dogs.  But I like mine better.  Sorry.  Chevy and Chase – they round out the household with their furry shenanigans.  Chase is turning 4 this year and it’s hard to believe that she’s turning into such an old lady.  I was going through all of the photos we have of her from day one, and thought it’d be a nice tribute to my Sugar Bear.

On a short trip to Louisville for the hub’s birthday, we made the mistake of stopping in a local pet shop.  Mistake is the wrong word but that’s where it all went down.  And once we laid eyes on her, we were smitten.  Her ears looked way too big for her head.  Her little black eyes had stars dancing in them.  And she was calm.  Almost too calm.  I made us exit the store to “sleep on” the idea of getting a puppy thinking that if she’s gone when we return, it wasn’t meant to be.  If she was still there, well, we’d have to discuss it.

Day 1 Chase

Needless to say, we left with her the next day.  And after trying to pick a name with our friends’ help, we decided on Chase.  After a few months though, we ended up calling her all sorts of things like Sugar Bear, Baby Bear, Chasey Bear, Girl… and she answered to all of them.  But I think it’s because she likes the attention.

Puppy Chase

Chase is my WonderDog.  With the hubs on the road for work most days, Chase and I worked on our tricks.  Forget sit and stay, those are boring – we practiced roll over and catching frisbees.  I had myself a dog with a whirlwind of energy and the attention span of a 4th grader and I took full advantage of it.  She never, however, learned to like water.  She hates it.  Especially baths.  Oh, and rain.  She hates rain.

Wet Chase

A big year for us all.  We sold our house in Indy and moved back home to the Derby City.  Chase was unsure of us packing up boxes upon boxes but once her Grandpa showed up, all was forgotten.  We had a pretty smooth transition between cities and love being back in Louisville.  We love having our family and friends so much closer.  No more overnight trips just spend time with our loved ones.

Curious Chase

But we also added a new doggin to the mix: Chevy.  To make up for Chase’s lame name (sorry, Chase) we cleverly named our new pup Chevy.  I couldn’t wait to yell “Chevy, Chase, [whistle whistle] come in!!”  But we don’t have very good luck with animals that can hear.  Roo the ferret was deaf.  And now Chevy the pup was deaf.  Chase does a great job tolerating her “sister” and occasionally has to put Chevy in her place.  But don’t let her fool you, she loves rolling around on the couch playing with our BDD (big deaf dog).

Mean Chase

Chase has finally hit her prime.  She is all grown up.  Calmer than before but still has a sense of puppy when we go outside to play frisbee or play with her stuffed animals or try to get the hubs out of bed.  Definitely loves new company and wants to please everyone.

Worn Out Chase

And she finally grew into her ears.  Chase has got to be the prettiest border collie mix I’ve ever laid eyes on.  And the softest.  I love her bunny-rabbit fur.  And she’s an awfully good cuddlebug. 

Easter Egg Chase

There’s just something about her that makes me happy.  I think it’s in the eyes.  She’s able to read me and the hubs.  Knows when we’re feeling good or feeling low.  Knows when someone’s up to no good.  She has a good heart.  She may counter surf and steal bags of hamburger buns or Amish Friendship Bread batter on occasion, but she’s the perfect dog for us.

The Chasey Bear

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August 13, 2009 - 5:19 pm

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