I'm Not Singing In The Rain

Enough with the rain already!!!!!

This summer has been one of the wettest summers I’ve experienced.  It seems to rain every other day.  As a matter of fact, it thunderstormed something awful last night and they’re expecting more this evening.  The Weather Channel is backing me up on this one.  The average precipitation for July is 4.30″ and we had 6.02″ of rain.  The average for August is 3.41″ and we’ve surpassed that average with 5.47″ so far this month.  IT’S ONLY THE 11th!!!  WE HAVE 20 MORE DAYS OF AUGUST!!!

Lives in my Backyard

Last Tuesday, The Ville experienced flash flooding because too much rain fell too fast and it had no where to go but in places it shouldn’t.  I feel very fortunate that we didn’t have any damage to our house or cars.  But my yard sure is taking a beating.  And it probably makes all of our neighbors curse our name under their breath.

When it rains, stuff grows.  And when it grows, it usually needs pruning to keep it looking nice.  But when a) it rains so often it’s too wet to tend to the yard and/or b) you have a very lazy busy weed-puller (AKA – me) and lawn-mower (AKA – the hubs), things get a little crazy.  The hubs finally did mow the backyard after it began to resemble the Serengeti.  But since I slept like a bear in hibernation this past weekend, I only managed to photograph what I should have been weeding.  Sorry hubs.

Lives in my Backyard

We’ve noticed that with a lot of rain and what I can only suspect is the help of my dogs (because it only happens in the backyard) that mushrooms are abundant.  These fun-guys (ha!) are small but they grow fast and grow large, flat caps.  Luckily, the doggins do not eat them.  I cannot imagine what color that vomit would be.

Lives in my Backyard Lives in my Backyard
Note: These are the same pair of mushrooms. The photo on the left was taken 08/09/09 at 8p while the photo on the right was taken 08/10/09 at 6p. I kid you not, internet.

Then we have these viney weed things.  They suffocate everything including my day lillies and the fence.  They grow with such a vengeance and wind their way around everything they can get their viney tips on.  I hate them.  Hate them, hate them, hate them.  I will them to hell.

Lives in my Backyard

Clover somehow managed its way into a flower pot.  I don’t get it.  Must be the wind.  Damn you wind.

Lives in my Backyard

And I’ve got this rogue tomato plant.  I did not plant it.  My former BossLady said “it’s a bird shit plant” which may be true but doesn’t have a pleasant ring to it.  I am waiting to see if it will bear fruit.  If Chevy doesn’t bear paw it to death first.  Fingers crossed.

Lives in my Backyard

My neighbor has wild berries in her flower bed – but they stick through the fence into our yard.  They’re cute, small bursts of color and I actually like them.  But I’m praying the canines will ignore these like the mushrooms (refer to previously mentioned projectile). 

Lives in my Backyard

However, the doggins cannot resist the delicious sweet grass.  I call it sweet grass because they eat it like candy.  The hubs did mow but definitely did not weed-eat.   Can I blame him?  So the dogs are taking advantage of the tall, weedy sweet grass that lines the deck and water spouts.  I just have to monitor how much they ingest.  I’m far too familiar with their homegrown salad not staying down.

Lives in my Backyard

So please, Mother Nature, can you cut us some slack and lay off with the rain for a couple weeks?!?  I mean, I like not having to remember to water my potted flowers but I’m far too lazy busy to rip up these weeds.  For reals.  Or I’m gonna have to steal a goat from the State Fair next week.

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August 12, 2009 - 4:06 pm

Melanie - I am glad your doggies leave the mushrooms alone, our scavange for them!! Good thing it doesn’t make them sick. You know how fast they eat I could never get them away from them anyways :)

August 13, 2009 - 7:57 pm

fuzzy63 - I love your pics and stories. Keep up the good work.

August 15, 2009 - 3:31 pm

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