I'm Just Sayin'… My Hometown Rocks

I’m a HUGE fan of my hometown.  I’ve always been proud of my state, my heritage, but when most people hear “Kentucky”, stereotypes start flying.  And that’s what’s so cool about my town, my home – people “think” they know what it’s like but actually need to see it for themselves.  Because Louisville is ANYTHING but stereotypical.

I know.  I know what you’re saying.  “But what about KFC , your twangish accent, and don’t you go barefoot and drink sweet tea?”  And we do – well, some of us do (I LOVE sweet tea, by the way).  But Louisville also has a large arts community, houses its own ballet company and orchestra.  Who doesn’t like Shakespeare in the Park?  There are so many museums in the area I haven’t even been to them all.

Friend of Lou

There are a lot of local bands (ever heard of My Morning Jacket?) and the underground scene is busting to the seam.  We have a prominent gay community and the Highlands district is as liberal as it gets.  We believe in buying local and keeping Louisville weird.  There are over 100 parks in the metro area to go running or cycling or frisbee throwing.  And the local eats – OH THE LOCAL EATS! – well let’s just say if you visit, avoid chain restaurants.  You’ll thank me for it later.  Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, Lilly’s and Havana Rumba are some of my faves (I could go on because every local restaurant is a fave).

And let us not forget about The Louisville Slugger.  Or The Kentucky Derby.  Or the fact that our night life doesn’t wind down until 4am.  Need I say more?

Friend of Lou

So when my Pod-mate told me about Friends of Lou, I had to join.  I mean, I love this place, how could I not be a friend of my favorite place in the world.  And I got my VIP package in the mail on Friday.  I have no idea what they mean by “special access to special events” but I’m stoked.

Friend of Lou

Possibility City is our new slogan and while I think it’s a little corny, they’re absolutely right – anything is possible in Louisville.  The brochure highlighted some of the things you wouldn’t expect from a smaller city.  And I love the color of their photographs.  I’m smitten.

Friend of Lou (montage)

Don’t you love her shades?  She’s totally a local.  Out-of-towners do not wear stuff like this to the Kentucky Derby.  Unless it’s like their 10th Derby or something.

Friend of Lou

So I challenge you, Louisville dwellers and non-Louisville people, check out Friends of Lou.  You might be interested, you might not.  You may just browse or hopefully you’ll join.  And if you haven’t visited our fine city, stop on by.  We’d love to have ya.

Friend of Lou

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August 17, 2009 - 10:00 am

jedipunk - Hey boo, this is bro.

Did u go see The Time Traveler’s Wife. Rachel McAdams was on The Daily Show and gave it all away. Not a big deal since we read the book. But it was funny.

August 17, 2009 - 10:11 am

shutterboo - I’ll have to look that up on YouTube. I’m going next Saturday with a group of girlfriends – I think only 2 of us have the read the book though so this should be interesting.

August 17, 2009 - 11:23 am

denise:) - You are rockin’ that 50mm! Gorgeous photos and I never knew Louisville was so cool!

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