Week 2: Cocktail

So far so good!

I enjoyed this week’s subject.  Every single one of them.   As a wise person once said [this week] “it’s in the name of science.”  So true, so true.

Here is my cocktail:

Week 2: Cocktail

This here is a mojito.  From a local restaurant called Mojito.  Cuban Tapas.  Two words: more please.  The cocktail was good, yes yes, but the food.  OMG, the food.  *eyes rolling to the back of my head*

My cocktail came with a sidekick:

Week 2: Side Kick

Guacamole and plantain chips.  Nom nom nom!!!!  Of course, I needed more food that this though, so I had a mini-steak and mashed-up taters.  And it was so good.  And I ate some of Mel’s sweet potato fries with honey and fall-off-the-bone pork.  And I ate some of Mrs. Rev’s cheesy goodness and chicken kabobs.  Don’t worry, I shared too.  Anyway, I know good food when I taste it and by golly, this was out of this world.  When can we go back, guys??  Because I want that Sandwich Cubano – they “get” pork.  Which in a way makes them by best friend.  Because I’m pork’s biggest fan.  Hey now, don’t hate the bacon.

Moving on, next week’s subject is “window”.  Just let me know if you want to be added to the Challenger Roll on el blogo.  And a Flickr pool has been so you can join there too if you like: shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge.  Or you can just view it.  No diggity, no doubt.

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