My Sweet Tooth Is Showing

My sugar crave has been in overload this week.  I already shared my face planting strawberry shortcake experience.  I was up for a repeat performance last night but thought I’d save the last twinkie cake for the hubs.  Because I’m nice like that.  But I NEEDED something sweet.  Stat.

Then genius struck.

Enter stage left: Vanilla Ice Cream.

Rootbeer Float

Sweet, smooth vanilla ice cream.  Me and ice cream are good pals, we’re like BFFs.  There are rarely ways to improve a good icecream but to name a few 1) a spoon, 2) my mouth, 3) peanut butter (I put peanut butter on everything).  None of these come close to the awesomeness that was about to take place in my kitchen.

Enter stage right: Barq’s Root Beer.

Rootbeer Float

Diet Barq’s even.  That makes it better for me, right?  Like I said, G-E-N-I-U-S.  I love me some [diet] root beer float!

Look at that delightful marriage between the two: long-time friends but sweethearts for life.  A sissy-stick is definitely necessary to get the full “root beer float effect.”  Why sport a [diet] root beer float mustache if you don’t have to?

Rootbeer Float

Perfection.  This doesn’t happen to often in my house. I’m totally serious about that.  Especially in the kitchen.

Rootbeer Float

Now, how do you say “put your face in it” in French?  That way it will sound fancy.

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