A Three Day Hiatus

Since the blog was born, three days is the longest I’ve gone without a post.  It’s new and fun, I’m enjoying experimenting with my camera, sharing my photos and profound wisdom, and it’s new and fun.  So while I had Friday off from work thanks to a little thing called “flex week” [where we cram 40 hours into 4 days to enjoy an additional day off for a holiday weekend], I was busy getting things ready for our little weekend adventure: camping.  The hubs and I accepted an invitation from friends who have a camping lot by Rough River and we were looking forward to doing a whole bunch of nothing with them.

So after the grocery shopping, the gathering of camping goods and watching the hubs pack the car, we headed off to eMohn’s to follow each other to Rough River.  And since we were leaving just around dinner time, the sun began to set, yummy light was playing through the trees, and I had to take pictures while on the road.  I also have proof that eMohn can’t stay between the yellow lines while pulling a camper.

Rough River: The Journey

The four us (eMohn, sheMohn, the hubs and I) stayed in that pop-up camper.  And though the quarters were tight (even just for sleeping), I was very grateful for the camper on Saturday night when it rained like cats and dogs.  It POURED like you wouldn’t believe.  Thank goodness our hosts brought Apples to Apples because it made the time fly by.  OK, it didn’t because I had to go #1 real bad and finally darted out in the rain to get it over with.

Rough River: The Journey

Anywho, we were cutting it close as we wanted to arrive before dark so we could set up this camper.  Never mind that all of our stomachs were growling, the camper was the priority.

Rough River: The Journey

And we made it in the nick of time.  You can see the sun starting set behind that hill over there.  That’s one thing I love about Kentucky, everything is green and the hills are abundant.  They make beautiful silhouettes.  And they make me carsick.  TGFD: Thank Goodness For Dramamine.

I’ll definitely post more photos of our getaway.  I first have to sort through the 732 pictures that I took.  There’ll be some of Rough River of course and it looks like I got some badass shots of the campfire.  Time [sorting through all of these pictures] will tell, my friends.

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September 9, 2009 - 9:41 pm

Laura - LOL @ sheMohn. I like it!

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