Don't Hate The Bacon

Part One

This is a completely selfish post.  Completely. 

My friends know about my bacon obsession.  I can’t say that they understand.  I have a love for all things pork.  I even have a pork hierarchy; I’ll save that for another day though.  But I will tell you that bacon takes the bacon on the hierarchy – it’s numero uno and will always be.

It Is Bacon Day

This morning [which was really more like noon] I needed the food of the gods and fried up a pound of deliciousness.  And consumed half of it immediately.  The plan was to save the other half to season up my turkey sandwiches and/or cut into bits and sprinkle on top of a frozen pizza/baked potato/salad/frozen pizza throughout the week. 

It Is Bacon Day

But then a bright idea struck – let’s make this Bacon Day.  Bacon for breakfast [which was more like lunch] and bacon for dinner.  I tell ya, I have just been a G-E-N-I-U-S lately!

It Is Bacon Day

So the other half was chopped into bits (Jim Gaffigan refers to it as the fairy dust of the food community) and mixed into mayo, sour cream, cheese and chives.  And then stirred into potatoes.  This is the only thing I make that I know the hubs really likes.  Because he eats every morsel of the left overs.  I love bacon, he loves potatoes.

I took some of the renderings (grease just sounds so negative) and dumped it in a crockpot of green beans.  Add a little onion and S&P and it’s party time.  I saved the rest of the renderings for a rainy day.  Because that’s what southerners do.  

It Is Bacon Day

Don’t try to deny the Bluegrass State it’s stake as a southern state.  I hate being thrown into the Midwest; half the states in this country are in the Midwest.  If not The South, then Upland South.  Throw me a bone.

The chicken breasts are marinating and I’ll be tossing those on grill come 5:30.  That gives those green beans a few hours to get to know the bacon renderings, if you know what I mean.  I can’t remember the last time I made meal that had two sides.  Hell, I might even pop open a can of crescent rolls come dinner time. 

Today is a joyous day.  Today is Bacon Day.

Part Two

Now the doggins know a good thing when the smell it.  And they really like it when I cook.  Because I’m messy.  There’s no getting around that one.

Chevy the BDD rightfully took her spot next to me as I cooked.  On bacon days, her duty is to clean the floor.  She does a fantastic job.  I don’t have to worry about bacon grease being on the tile, just dog slobber.  And they say a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, right?

It Is Bacon Day

Chase, she’s more of the instant gratification type.  She’s above licking the floor.  She stares.  And inches a little closer.  And stares some more.  And gets a little closer.  And keeps on staring.  “Where’s my  bacon, Food Lady?”

It Is Bacon Day

She’s so darn persistent – how can I say no that furry little face.  She only wants a nibble.  More like the whole plate.  “Food Lady, my patience is wearing thin.  Hand over the bacon and no one gets hurt.”  I gave her only a nibble.  Chase does not want a belly ache and neither does this Food Lady. 

It Is Bacon Day

Maybe she’ll like me better than the hubs today.  Just maybe…

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