Back To Normal

Today has been glorious.  I’m glad I didn’t lose my groove after last Sunday.  Things are back to normal.  How you ask?

1.  I didn’t get out of bed until 11:30am.  Believe me, I needed my beauty sleep.

2.  I made pancakes for breakfast/lunch with a side of – you guessed it – BACON!  The OJ was quite satisfying too.

3.  The doggins have gotten over the fact that the hubs was gone all last week on business and realize that I still exist.  I love my furry little breathing balls of heat.  I’ve been freezing for the past two days because they were all over the hubs.  Just wait until he leaves again.

4.  I’ve watched something like seven movies today and two really weren’t worth my time.  But that didn’t make me turn them off.

5.  Mom and DAd stopped by unannounced.  And nobody mentioned the fact that I was still in my pajamas. 

6.  I had parmesan popcorn for dinner with a sugar cookie for dessert.  Divine, no?

7.  It’s after 8pm and I’m still in my pajamas.  It’s the life my friends, it’s the life.

All this means is that I need to get my rear in gear tomorrow and photograph something that screams SPEED because I got diddly squat right now.  I got two tricks up my sleeve: the hubs and the doggin that can hear.  Let’s hope they pay off.  Otherwise we’re going to have another snoresville photo from this gal right here.  *fingers crossed*

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