Photo Challenge Spotlights

Don’t people know the early bird gets the worm??  Challengers are slacking this week. 

But the few that are dedicated to posting on Wednesdays with me get the spotlight this week.  Most of us challengers are amateurs, hobbyist learning our way with our cameras.  Whether it’s a dSLR or a point-and-shoot or an iPhone, we’re looking for different ways to view the subjects and capturing it with pixels.  And have fun doing it.  Or I do at least, I don’t know about the rest of you yahoos.

I was looking forward to seeing how others interpreted “speed” this week.  I was not disappointed.  I figured there would be some movement shots and some still shots.  We got both, folks.  I can’t wait until more people post. *hint hint*

My Almost Crafty PodMate was able to achieve a motion shot during the day.  Every time I’ve done this it has been by complete accident.  But the truck that speeding down I-64 looks like a ghost.  And I think the vertical lightposts add a little something.  Not that I’m an expert.  But I think it’s fantastic.

8:52 Speed

And then a still shot.  A witty still shot.  And if I’m not mistaken, Miss Eggatha, you shoot with your iPhone, correct?  “Faster than a speeding bullet…”  Yep, Superman screams speed alright.  I totally dig his hair.  And his skin-tight, electric blue leotard.  That’s hot.  His knees look particularly knobby in blue, no?


More motion.  Implied motion?  Katie the Reheater showcases her doggins and it makes me happy.  Because even though I don’t know them, I love her doggins.  And I have no idea which doggin this is.  But I do believe she/he is of the border collie breed and they are speedy.  And I love its pink tongue.

justice in motion

Hey yous wise guys, you’re being awful witty today.  Mrs. Rev, I love this picture.  The focus is great, the light is great, the contrast is great, the concept is great… it is great.  I’m jealous now.  I want a Mulligan.  And a margarita. 

Week 8 - Speed

The latest addition to the flickr group this evening: Amy937 hitting the pool hall.  The idea to capture the movement of the balls is awesome.  The bright colors make it interesting right off the bat.  But since this was a good break, the balls show symmetry when bouncing off the table. 


All in all, I have to say we did a kickass job.  All five six of us.  Yes, there is a hint of sarcasm in there.  Take it as you will.  Now onto “white” – I’m equally as interested in seeing what you cook up for next week!

On to something totally unrelated… Not to sound like a total nutcase but did that wise guys remark remind you SHS folks of anyone?  Say, a Mr. Langnes?  I totally heard him say that after I typed it.  It is so weird what sticks with me over the years.  Maybe I am a total nutcase. 

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October 15, 2009 - 9:05 am

Melanie - Hey, I work Wednesdays! Gimme a break :) I posted a few minutes ago..

October 15, 2009 - 9:27 am

Mrs. Rev - Thanks shutterboo! Love the idea of the challenge spotlight.

October 15, 2009 - 10:13 am

katie - I love the different interpretations of speed! Everyone killed it with this challenge! Oh and my doggies love you too ‘boo. They’re just so excited they haven’t been banned yet from the photo challenges. :)
ps. that one up there is Justice, the boy doggin.

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