Kentucky Back Roads

Note: All of the pictures that are included on this post were taken from the car.  Camera pointing through the front windshield, no eyeball looking through the glass – just randomness that happened to look OK.  You get the point.

On Saturday, my pal VJ threw our totes in my trunk and headed off to Bardstown, Kentucky.  The hubs was feeling under the weather and we weren’t sure if he was contagious so we left him at home with chicken noodle soup.  VJ was a little panicked about locking her keys in her home and all of the spares being in Lexington [but that worked itself out in the end].  So we said “screw house keys” and headed south on 150 – and the scenery was beautiful.

Kentucky Highways

Wide open spaces, rolling hills, green grass and trees, occasional farms with horses, cows or even alpacas.  It was all so pretty.  It’s been awhile since I’ve driven through back roads like these and it was worth it.  But I was glad I was driving; I would have been carsick if I’d been the passenger.  Those rolling hills can do a number on my stomach.

Kentucky Highways

If it was just a tad bit warmer, it would have been a perfect day.  We probably would have walked more around the distillery grounds and even Bardstown.  But there was just enough bite in the air to make me want to stay in the car.  And take pictures from there.

Kentucky Highways

I love all of the fences.  Everyone fences in their acreage and it makes everything look so picturesque.  While we driving on these roads we were talking about our home state.  I really think that anyone that is from Kentucky loves it.  They might not realize it until they leave.  They may not care for the people or the culture but you can’t deny that we have beautiful land between our borders.

Kentucky Highways

This one is my favorite.  And after I saw it later at the hotel room I immediately thought “if I had only stopped the car and taken the time to set up this shot it would have been awesome.”  If that tree hadn’t been cut off and more of fence showing it would have been a money shot.  But I still like it.  Because this is what I love about Kentucky.

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October 19, 2009 - 9:42 am

katie - I think I love Kentucky now. These shots are really pretty. Really great landscapes. Much better than Atlanta…much, much better.

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