Melts My Heart

I finally dissected the huge [virtual] stack of photos I took at my brother’s.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a few weeks now but I got lazy.  Mostly because Big Bro downloaded my images while I was there.  And Mom was in the flesh.  DAd was the only one who was missing out.  And he had to miss out for a few weeks.  Sorry DAd.

But while I was sorting through the 300 images, I stumble across of few like the one below.  And my bottom lip automatically stuck out because I miss the kiddos.  And they melt my heart.  *tear* 

Melts my heart

I told you he had an old soul and took care of his sisters.  And I told you that little elf got her way.  But they make quite the pair.  Love them.  Miss them.  Can’t wait to spend another day with them and have two kids talking to me at once and leaving me begging for an Advil.  Yep, can’t wait.

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