Feliz Cumpleanos A Ti, Abby!

My beloved, long time, trouble-making friend Abby is turning older today.  The hubs and I (and what felt like everyone in the three surrounding zip codes) celebrated with her on Friday night.  Sadly, I have no pictures from Friday night.  I didn’t use my camera once.  I did use Kelly’s quite a bit – but I think it’s OK if we don’t share those pictures with ALL of the internet.  You know how I told you my friends and I do inappropriate things to embarrass Kelly?  Yeah, well we were laying it on thick Friday night.  Nope, you do not need to see those.  How about this instead:

Me & Abby

Abby and I have been friends since we were eight years old.  That means we’ve been putting up with each other for 20 years.  Jeez – 20 years sound like a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  Well, I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, huh?  Well, just like any other set of friends that have known each other as long as Abs and I have, you know how things are.  There are times when you sit and quietly listen and there are times when you tell it like it is.  There are times that you are the designated driver and there are times that you really should take a cab.  We’ve seen it all, experienced it all and though I have a ton of dirt on the girl, I [usually] keep it to myself. 

Me & Abby

My Abby – I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  She has a carefree spirit but loves those around her.  She knows more about football than any other chick I know.  She also plays more sports than any other chick I know.  And she’s also wounded herself more than any other chick I know.  Sports and injuries aside, Abby has always been there for me and I hope I’ve returned the favor.  Because I’m not ready for this ride to end just yet. 

Happy Birthday to you, Abby!  Here’s to many many more birthdays!

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