Photo Challenge Spotlights: Candy

First, a quick shout of appreciation – Thank you Ashleigh from work for nabbing Charlie’s jumper cables and jumping my car.  I made it home safely and I now have a brand new battery.  But that didn’t keep me from panicking the entire 8.74 miles home.  But seriously, thank you!!!

On to business.  I was disappointed with my candy photo.  It’s fine really but I think it’s bland.  I wanted bright colors.  I wanted fun shapes.  I wanted to be clever.  Zip.  Zero.  None.  But the challengers had some lovely photos so I’m spotlighting them all here [that I could grab from flickr].

From dbswllm: Clever.  Sugar + Water + Heat = Candy.  I hate it when people are cleverer than I am.  Arg.


From Eggatha: Showing off her skills with her new kickass dSLR!  PS-I want that Snickers.  Now.  And I don’t mean five minutes from now.


From Mrs. Rev: Stop it.  Just stop it.  This is the color I wanted.  Boo MR, boo.

Week 11 - Candy

From Mel: “Eye Candy”.  So witty.  And after she slips these bad dogs on she’ll be 5’2″ tall.  She’s a little person… with long-ish legs.  But I heart my Mel!

Eye Candy

From MileMarkerZero: I love puppies.  But how is this candy?  Because he’s a “chocolate” lab.  Damn clever people.


From Amanda: What are they and are there more?  The nom-ness factor of this blog has increased immensely.

Week 11: Candy

From AmyHasBangs: Quiero el azul, por favor. More awesome color!  *jealously flowing through my veins*

Candy - suckas

From Katie: Another doggin!  Only this one is a thief.  I’d say ge’s ninja doggin but ninja’s don’t get caught.  And he doesn’t have a mask.

week 11 candy

Terrorita has great picture with gum drops and little pirate flags sticking out of them.  But I could not grab it.  Just another reason for you to actually go to the flickr pool.  Mah-velous, simply mah-velous.  So with 11 weeks down that means we only have 41 to go!  Trust me, time flies when you’re having fun. 

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November 4, 2009 - 10:47 pm

katie - Personally, I think yours is pretty cool. My favorite part of your photo is “Thank You”. Loves it. And yeap, 41 more to go. It’s exciting to think of what’s ahead!!

November 8, 2009 - 10:00 pm

Sarah King - I decided I needed a creative challenge so I am joining up. I posted my picture in the flickr pool for this week (a bit late). I hope I find some inspiration for “zipper” by this Weds! Thanks for hosting the challenge!

November 8, 2009 - 10:07 pm

shutterboo - Welcome Sarah! I hope you have fun finding different ways to see things we see everyday. :)

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