Oh My Goodness, Maxwell

What does it take to have six or so working adults continually abandon their desks throughout a day? 

I know, you’re thinking “not much” but I can definitely say it wasn’t our lack of commitment or that we had finished our to do lists for the day.  Nope.  We had a visitor.  The tiniest, cutest little visitor you ever seen.

Meet Maxwell Stanley.  But you can call him Max.

Maxwell Stanley

A co-worker just got a brand spanking new Pug puppy.  And he is so… so… so damn little!  My BDD would eat this critter in a matter of minutes.  I minded my steps all afternoon so that this puppy’s eyes wouldn’t bug out any more than they already do. 

Maxwell Stanley

But he’s a cutie.  And so playful.  And is a lap dog.  He repeatedly kept going to PodMate, the only person in the entire office whose allergic to dogs.  I tell ya, I think dogs have a sixth sense about that kind of stuff.

Maxwell Stanley

Made my day.  Made my week, in fact.  Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this midgi-sized butterball of fur into the office. 

Max – you better come back and visit me.

Maxwell Stanley

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