Week 14: Green

This is our third color challenge so far.  I really like the color challenges.  There’s more room for playing with subjects and I think it’s cool to see how everyone else captures the color. 

What I’ve experienced so far is that the subjects I do plan for never really pan out.  It’s the last minute, “oh wait, this will work” stuff that comes along and drops itself in my lap that I really like.  Like Susie’s wedding dress for white.  And Amy wearing the red hat that’s been in our office forever now (this is still my favorite weekly so far).  And this odd Italian beer that the hubs has been sipping on for a couple weeks now.

Here is my green:

Week 14: Green

We had just walked out the backdoor to say farewell to Rev and the Mrs and I spied something green.  “Just hold it up and take a drink.”  To which the hubs pointed out its contents were gone and he didn’t want to do it.  Model that is.  But he gave in.  And I got my shot.  And I like it.  If only this happened more often…

For next week, the challenge is “fork.”  In hindsight, this seems like the dumbest subject ever but we’ll see if you guys can cook up some fun.  Don’t forget to check out the flickr pool’s photos or click on the challenger roll – everyone’s doing a kickass job and feel free to join any time.

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