Kitchen Overhaulin' Update

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday de-wallpapering my kitchen.  My wonderful Mom did come and help on Tuesday but I finished it off on Wednesday.  I haven’t removed wallpaper in about four years and I don’t plan to do it for at least another four.  It sucks.

 But mine came off rather easy.  Had to use some elbow grease but for the most part, the project has gone smoothly so far.  Now I need to spackle and sand which I am NOT looking forward to.  At all.  I’m on the computer instead of working in the kitchen.  But I have to get that part done this weekend.  I have to.  Because painting is the easiest part.  And it will still suck.  I hate home projects.  Love the “after”, loathe the “doing”.

So here is how the kitchen looks now:

My Kitchen

My Kitchen

And it looks worse than it did before.  Awesome.  Even more of a reason I should get my rear in gear and go work.  It really does feel like it should be a “spend the day in pajamas and eat popcorn for lunch” kind of day. 

I don’t know how you Black Friday shoppers wake up so friggin early to drop bows with strangers.  I just don’t have any kind of spunk in me right now.

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December 4, 2009 - 6:26 pm

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