Things Got A Little Hairy

I like taking the kahuna (my reliable dSLR) everywhere I go because you never know what you’re going to get.  If the photos aren’t stellar or what you hoped for, you got some practice in.  But sometimes you get to photograph things you’d never would have thought of.

I was invited to join my three amigas – Abby, Kelly & Natalie – for a night of chilling out, stuffing our faces with pizza and getting our hair done.  I am always game for being with these fine ladies and stuffing my face.  And I needed a haircut.  Win-Win.  So I ventured out to the Creek (an area of town) to the hairdresser’s abode.  I toted along the kahuna not knowing what the place would look like or how the lighting would be.  And I am so happy I did because I fired that thing off all night.

Hair by Shannon

Shannon (the hairdresser… is that the appropriate title?) let us invade the lower half of her home for something like five or six hours.  I don’t know how she put up with us for that long but she did.  And we made the best of it.  Of course, most of our time was spent trying to convince Kelly, my little skipper, to chop off her hair.  And then tease her because that’s what love is.

Hair by Shannon

Each one of us spent time with Shannon the Expert and she transformed us.  Well, most of us.  I don’t really consider Kelly to be transformed.  More on that later.


Natalie didn’t want too stray to far from what she had going on upstairs, so Shannon polished her up. 

Hair by Shannon

And then showed her how to wear her hair wavy.  Nat has the thickest head of hair I’ve laid eyes on this side of the Mississippi but Shannon got it to wave.

Hair by Shannon

Hair by Shannon

Hello Sexy Mama with the beachy (aka jbf) hair.  How you doin’?

Hair by Shannon


One word: Fearless.  This chica has worn her hair long, her hair short, her hair curly, straight, up, down, sideways… she has no fear when it comes to hair.  Except maybe being brunette.  Well, I think that scared me more than her.  How the hell am I supposed to recognize her with brown hair?  She’s been blonde since we were eight.  Thankfully we do not need nametags as she did not go that route.  Yet.

Hair by Shannon

By the way, I just love this picture.  I have absolutely no idea what Abby is talking about but this face… this face is hilarious. 

This night, she chopped it off.  And it was cute cute cute.

Hair by Shannon

Hello little darlin’ with the cute hair.  How you doin’?

Hair by Shannon


One word: Fearful.  Little skipper is attached to her hair like velcro is attached to… velcro.  Don’t get me wrong, she has beautiful, thick hair that looks good all of the time.  It’s just been this as long as I can remember. 

As much as Abby changes her hair, Kelly doesn’t change her hair. 

Hair by Shannon

This is how much hair was removed.  What is that?  An inch?  Two inches?  Can’t complain though because she looked good when she was done.

Hair by Shannon

Hello Rapunzel.  How you doin’?

Hair by Shannon

This is her “thinking face”.  And she’s fixing her collar, not popping it.  But it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  I love this little skipper.

I, too, got my hair done.  I put my faith in Shannon’s hands and she gave me a bob that is cute.  But this was the weirdest haircut I’d ever gotten.  How is that, you say?

When a lady gets her hair done, she’s usually with other ladies.  Your head is wet as a mop, it’s flipping and flying all over the place, you’re vulnerable under that plastic curtain.  And then walks in three men that you don’t know.  Oh, Shannon and Abby knew them.  Kelly knew a couple too.  But I was the one with the wet head with strangers looking on as my hair was falling to the floor.  Oh, and this was at 11:30 at night after a full day of work.  Can we say bye-bye makeup and hello darkening circles under my eyes.  Yes. Yes, we can.

So when one of the fellas took the seat when I was done, I couldn’t help myself.  I picked up the kahuna.  Mind you, I don’t even remember this fella’s name.  He could have been cursing me under his breath.  But Shannon worked her high-and-tight magic on him.  Sucks when you know people are watching, doesn’t it?

Hair by Shannon

Like I said, a fun night.  And I had a blast sticking the kahuna in my friends’ faces.  Love those girls.  And a big THANK YOU to Shannon for letting us squatters hang out and talk your son into putting stuff up his nose.  OK, only I did that but it was still funny.  Nine year olds are awesome.

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December 29, 2009 - 10:33 pm

Chasiti Moore - ALL of these photos rock. When I saw that you uploaded them to Flickr I wanted to comment on like…oh all of them. lol! The one that caught my eye and I really dug was the one of your friend Abby in mid sentence, making the crazy face. Boy do I know faces like that while talking as I am usually the one doing it. haha.

You really captured all the gals’ attitudes/personalities. You did an awesome job at that. Kudos to the hairdresser for “tending” to ya’ll for half a day. lol!

December 29, 2009 - 11:04 pm

shutterboo - Thanks Chasiti. I had a lot of fun taking them too.

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