Mama Always Said To Try New Things

I tried something new while visiting Big Bro & Co.  My sister-inlaw is quite handy in the kitchen.  And cooks up some… uncommon dishes.  Her father catches game.  She lets him do the dirty work and then she cooks it up.  Rabbit, turtle, squirrel… she cooks it all.

I almost – almost – tried her squirrel stew.  The Monkey said it was pretty good so I checked it out.  I was ready to take a sip until I saw the little ribcage surface in the crockpot.  I lost my appetite after that.  No squirrel stew for this gal.  Sorry.

This past weekend, I think they wanted to share a favorite in their home town.  When I walked in the kitchen, my sister-inlaw had me guess.  I got it on the first try – but I halfway knew what to expect.  Let’s see if you can guess.


Cleaned and ready for prep.


My sister-inlaw butterflies the little thingamajigs.


And then she flours them.


And fries them up.


And then they’re ready for consumption.

I will say that it tasted OK – I didn’t eat very much though.  But my niece, The Angry One, she LOVES this stuff.  Ate a ton of it.  I have a hard time choking down chicken liver so you will not see me eating a lot of this.  Actually, you might not ever see me eat it again.  Although, my sister-inlaw mentioned wrapping them in bacon.  Hmmm… nah, I’ll pass.

To make this more interesting, I’ve got a poll below.  So be sure to cast your vote!  I’ll reveal the mystery tomorrow.

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January 20, 2010 - 9:24 am

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