Lacking Inspiration

And not happy about it.  I need me some warm weather, blue skies and green grass stat because my photos are just icky.  Or maybe some smiling faces.  Something.  I did take some photos at the Super Bowl Party last night but most are of Martha’s antiques or of Spencer the Cat.  And I have not started on “cards” yet either.  This is me – dropping the ball.

I did go through more of my “yellow” photos hoping to find something neat to process in Photoshop.  Two made the cut.

I am horrible at arranging things to look like they haven’t been arranged.  Just horrible.  Which is why I did not select this photo.  But I like the big bristled brush and the “sunnyside” can.  This is what you get when I stay inside.  Rubbish.


This next one I actually like.  But there wasn’t enough yellow.  I like how the post-processing gave it an entirely different feeling than the SOOC shot and well origami is just neat anyway.  But again, this is what you get when I’m too lazy to freeze my tookus off.  Instead of photos of snow and wet concrete, I give you Cork Board Art.


The sad news is more snow is expected overnight.  It is never ending.  Spring will never come.  And once it does, watch it rain for days on end and then I’ll be stuck inside even longer.  I cannot image trying to trot out in the rain with an umbrella and the kahuna.  That’s a classic fail.

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