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I have had so much fun with the weekly photo challenge so far.  And now we’re half way done – 26 more subjects to photograph, 26 more weeks of posting.  Six months didn’t feel like a long time but seemed like a long time.  That makes no sense.  Then again, I don’t usually make sense.

But with 26 weeks behind us, I feel that I have begun to understand my photography better.  Especially with people.  Before, I wouldn’t really photograph people because I didn’t like the finished product.  That’s beginning to change.  I can’t get enough.  Eyes, hands, skin… every part of the human body is intriguing for me.  I suppose because it’s a lot of “firsts” but by golly, I’m having a damn good time with it.

My favorite challenge subject to date?  Lingerie.  I had a wonderful friend model for me and though we did nothing but laugh and make jokes, the shoot was fun.  With nothing more than a dimly lit bedroom and a brazier, we were able to get some pretty fly photographs.  Of course, only 14 out of 200 something were in focus but those 14 were fun and different and, dare I say, sexy.  The 14 were narrowed to four and which was narrowed to one for the challenge.

My original idea for lingerie: light up the side of my model’s body and capture her reflection in the mirror.  Seriously, this was my original idea.  I have a drawing and everything in my little polka-dotted notebook.  And my submission for the lingerie challenge.

Week 23: Lingerie

But the other three.  I really really like them and so does my model.  But I’ve been hesitant to post.  I don’t know why – maybe because it’s a bit more revealing?  Maybe because she’s a bit more nekkid?  But what the hell.  shutterboo could use some sexing up today.

I like the reflection.  I think it makes it more intimate, more real… gives me more light to work with.  So we played around the mirror a lot.  Different poses, different angles, different DOFs.


Some that make you feel like you’re the fly on the wall watching a beautiful woman get ready for a night out on the town.  I look at this now and get the feeling that I really wasn’t there.  But I got the proof.  Right there.


By the way, it’s stuff like this, images like these that make men think that all we do is prance around in our panties when they aren’t there.  Which we totally do.

This next one was my favorite.  The harsh light and shadows did it for me.  I love it.  It’s sexy but discreet.  But I didn’t choose it as my “lingerie” photo because… well…


… that’s a lot of ta-ta.

I know she’s covered up and I know I just described it as “discreet” but I chose the other one.  Maybe because I was proud of myself for having an idea actually work.  Maybe because I was afraid my Mom would call me and give me down the road for posting naughty pictures.  Maybe because I didn’t feel like beating the hubs’ friends back with bat when they inquired about the model.

Eh – it doesn’t matter.  I think it’s kickass and ready for another go round.  And I’m sure my friend is too.  Maybe we’ll try leaving her clothes on this time.

What?  Why the sad face?

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February 19, 2010 - 10:08 am

J. Smith - Well of COURSE there’s going to be a lot of tata when you put your model in a VS Angels secret embrace pushup with lace. Adds a cup and a half!

February 20, 2010 - 5:59 am

Shelli - I loved the first and last shots!

I mean absolutely no disrespect to your photography or your model when I say this: the second shot confused me – when I first looked at it, I thought you had put a man in lingerie. I think it’s because the shadows are so harsh and badly placed, that it destroyed the femininity of the female form. I couldn’t make out the curve of her face, or the curve of her breasts (they look as flat as a man’s to me) or the shape of her torso. The shoulders look boxy, like a man’s.

Yet, in all the other pics, it’s clear you have a beautiful, sexy, curvy female model. :-) (please please please don’t take offense!)

February 22, 2010 - 12:03 pm

shutterboo - Well I don’t claim to be a professional – just a hobbyist – trying new things.

February 24, 2010 - 11:38 am

Toni Tiller - i really like these, they remind me a lot of nan goldin’s work, there is a lot of honesty to them.

also thanks for turning me on to the weekly photo challenge, i think i might like to go play along. :)

February 24, 2010 - 1:28 pm

shutterboo - Thanks Toni. And yes, feel free to join! Next week’s subject is “suitcase”. And it’s only a challenge – it’s a challenging as you want it to be.

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