Suitcase Miscellany

With the days beginning to get longer, I’ve been busting out the kahuna in the evenings.  Granted, I only have about 20 minutes of daylight left but I use them all up.  I think natural light is the reason I had fun with the weekly photo challenge this week.

Even though all the blinds were open in our bedroom, I still turned on every fixture that would shine a smidge of light into the room.  Just to be safe.  And then I proceeded to rip our bedroom apart and moved things to places they didn’t belong and bribed the doggin with cookies.  [Doggin cookies, not human cookies.  Of course.]

The post-processing on the photos was equally as fun.  I think when I look at the pictures I see my  bedroom so I manipulated them to take me somewhere else.  That wasn’t in my house.  Or even in my time.  That’s the cool thing about post-processing – the possibilities are endless.

You saw the photo I selected for challenge; here are some other favorites:

other "suitcase" shot 1

This photo was my runner-up.

Like: The bokeh.  I’m a bokeh freak and love it.  And I like the blue hue that I layered on the photo.

Dislike: The composition seems “eh”.  And I don’t like how the case sunk into my bedding.  A flat surface would have been nicer.  Just “eh”.  Which is why I chose the other photo over this one.

other "suitcase" shot 2

Like:  The light worked out very well, likes its highlighting the shoes. The black and white helps with the contrast.

Dislike: I cut off the handle.  Not a big deal but enough to make me not select it.  But I do think I’m going to try to recreate this because this could be some fun wall art.  With the entire handle in the shot.

other "suitcase" shot 3

Like: The wide-angle lens helped me pull this off and even though my doggin looks like she’s about to get the hell outta dodge, she makes it more fun.  Again, I like the layered colors giving it a retro feel.

Dislike: The glare on the dresser, the shadow under the dog and the fact that I haven’t vacuumed in a couple weeks.  That’s a big no-no in a house with two doggins that shed like it’s their day job.

other "suitcase" shot 4

Like: The depth of field and contrast keeps me interested in this photo.  Watch DAd say something about having a longer DOF to make it even more interesting.

Dislike: It’s no longer a suitcase.  The mystery of what’s inside is gone.  Because we know it’s a big brassy instrument.  And then I feel like a cheater for not using a real suitcase.  Oh well.  Live and let live.

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March 5, 2010 - 10:54 am

Victoria - I like the one you picked for submission. It’s a good choice. But, I really like the b&w even though the handle is cut off.
On another note~ I had planned on doing a blog post on where I got my suitcase shots but I’ve been feeling under the weather this week. So, if you are still interested it is on its way :)
Thanks for sharing these today.

March 6, 2010 - 9:55 am

Rebecca - I really like this post, I like knowing why you did or didn’t pick a photo for your weekly shot.

And I don’t think the last one is cheating, I love it and am now kicking myself for not even thinking of my clarinet case.

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