This Doesn't Look Right

So with snow melting from the North East and rain hammering the North East and the bit of rain we got over the weekend, the Ohio River started creeping.  I heard about it on the news and everyone says it isn’t a big (which it isn’t) but I didn’t expect it to be as high as it was.  On my walk Thursday, I hit up Waterfront Park with a co-worker and this is what we saw.

Ohio River 3-18-10

Unless you visit Waterfront often, you probably don’t see anything wrong with that picture.  I had to do a double-take myself.  But the river is definitely higher than normal.  This photo better explains how.

Ohio River.2 3-18-10

So much debris and trash.  I just don’t see how people are OK with throwing their garbage into anything other than a trash can.

It reminds me of that Mad Men episode where the Drapers are out on a picnic and Don throws his beer can and Betsy shakes all the trash on the picnic blanket onto the grass.  And then they stop the kids to check for muddy fingers before letting them step foot in their new Cadillac.  A lot has changed since the 1960s.

Basketball Bust?

I mean, who tosses a basketball in the river?  I should have seen this as a sign: a busted basketball means a busted basketball bracket.  [I cannot believe how the Big East has just flopped.  Bunch of weenies.  Especially those Hoyas.  A three seed with the “hardest schedule in the country” loses to Ohio.  Really?  Really.  Weenies.]


And we found flop but are missing flip.  I have a feeling this fell off a boat or something though and just swam down stream.  Or was caught under some trees in the water and stayed stuck after the water receded.  Who knows.

The river is supposed to go back to normal levels soon.  I just hope that trash can down there was empty otherwise the city just added to the trash floating down the Ohio.

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March 21, 2010 - 1:57 pm

Wendi - Brooke, that flop looks absolutely lonely without flip. Hope y’all stay dry with all the melt coming down the river.

I once saw a house coming down a river…god’s honest truth.

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