Photog Freak Out

OK, so this weekend I took a ton of photos.  I took a long lunch with co-worker Troy (challengers know him as chimichow) and checked out the skate park.  Awesome, by the way.  And then I spent an evening with sensory overload (aka drunk people that yell when they talk… you know who you are) and a game of bowling.  Then a baby shower [with a frickin awesome spread and wine-slush].  And that’s where I freaked out.

Mid-shower, my camera, my beloved kahuna, failed.  And I proceeded to freak out.

Folks, the shutter wouldn’t work.  The camera would beep when focused but when I pressed the button, no shutters.  No shutters mean no pictures.  And a freaked out Brooke.  AHHHH!  I turned the camera off and the display screen stayed on.  I turned the camera back on and same thing.  I shook it.  Same thing.  I cursed under my breath.  Same thing.  So I started to sweat.  Profusely.

Not because I couldn’t take photos of my girlfriend opening her gifts but because my gift to her was a mini-photo session.  Can’t do that without a kahuna, now can we?  So I wiped my brow, put on my big girl pants and thought.  I took out the battery.  The display screen went black [finally] and I breathed.  Whew.  Insert battery, all is well again.

What the eff?!

First thought:  Has my shutter life already began to go down hill?  I thought I had at least 10,000 rounds left in the kahuna?  God, I hope not because I will be a sad boo without kahuna.  Sad sad sad.

Second thought: PodMate mentioned it could be the battery or the connector to the battery.  True.  Very true.  But still sad.

Third thought: After some quick research I found something about ERR99.  This seems to fit the bill because it covers both shutter and battery.  I had no error pop up but the kahuna was also in freak mode.  So if this happens again, I’ll be referring back to this post.

I’m glad that I thought to take the battery out.  Usually when I start freaking out, my brain goes numb and common sense flies out the window but I held on this time.  And did a “tech support reboot”.  I’m remembering this in case this happens again.  But if it doesn’t work again, I’ll try the “full reboot”.  If that fails then I’ll be heading to the Camera Doctor.

If that kind of thing even exists.  Because I cannot have a sick kahuna.

Nope.  No can do.

Just thinking about it is making me sweat.

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March 22, 2010 - 9:55 am

Victoria - Oh, no!!! That is scary! Glad to hear you figured it out.
That’s enough to give you nightmares!

March 22, 2010 - 9:55 am

katie o. - that makes my gut hurt. so glad it’s working again. phew!

March 22, 2010 - 10:19 am

gitanorumano - Before you have a meltdown take the camera to a photo shop. One of those little ones that has someone who completely married to cameras. You know the kind of person I am talking about. It will be cheaper to deal with it now than later.

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