Week 35: Smile

I wanted a face.  And I didn’t really care whose face it was.  I didn’t bring the kahuna to the office much last week so it wasn’t going to be a co-worker.  I don’t like approaching strangers so I knew it wasn’t going to be anyone I didn’t know.  Melanie’s on a beach in Hawaii.  Mrs. Rev’s on a boat in the ocean.  [And I’m at a desk.  What is wrong with this picture?]  Little Skipper yells at me when I take her portrait: Brooke!  You’re too close!!  The hubs hates modeling.

Ah… what’s a girl to do?

Here is my smile:

Week 35: Smile

Or rather, my DAd’s.  Which is funny because DAd does not smile for photos.  Ever.  He smiled for me but it looked fake, forced.  I should have pulled what he used to have me do: say “I love you, Daddy.”  And then the corner of his lips would have looked normal.  But that photo up there was snapped when he was giggling at some story he was telling and his eyes met the camera.  I think he should grow his beard a little longer and be Santa Claus at the mall.  That would be great.

So what does DAd usually look like?  This is what you’re more likely to capture:


And then right after the shutters done its job, he starts laughing and poking and smiling.  But not for the picture.  Because that’s too much.  He has no qualms about telling other people to “show some teeth” though.  And even now, Little Skipper tells us to “show some teeth.”  He’s passed on his language to my friend.  I will here those three words forevermore.  At least Kelly doesn’t ask me to say “I love you, Kelly.”  [Hey there little bits, don’t you go gettin’ any ideas.]

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