This Is Why

I’ve heard it my whole life.  “This is why we can’t have nice things.”  An excuse people use.  And now I’m one of those people.  Because of this:

why we can

A vase.  No big deal.  Other than the fact I sweated over the purchase of that vase for 30 minutes while at the store.  I remember the purchase – that makes it somewhat of a big deal.  And now that big deal is a goner.  So long, big deal.  It’s been real.

The hubs was trying to salvage what doggin toys we have left from the BDD.  He tucked Chase’s toy bin up on the mantle.  He didn’t do a good job.  As Humpty Dumpty had a great fall on to the brick hearth and shattered.  Well, the top shattered.

Note to self: No more glassware on the mantle.

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