I say, Have A Nice Day

Dear Friends of the Interweb, you are going to see a lot of lists this week.  Don’t hate me.  My brain has been slowing d-o-w-n and the interweb won’t be as accessible as normal.  I know.  I’m lame.  So let’s kick it off with a list today, shall we?

1.  Friday I went to the HullabaLOU Fest in Louisville.  Anticipation has been boiling since February when I knew I was going (thank you Abby and Kelly).

2.  It was hotter than the seat the devil’s butt sits on.  HOT.  I consumed water like it was my day job, stayed red-faced for who knows how long and finally began to cool down when we sat down.  Long live the ponytail.

3.  GenAdmin sat in the stands at Churchill.  Unfortunately, our seat had an obstruction but I don’t care.  (See Exhibit 1)  It was in the shade.  Shade = Heaven.

4.  Dirks Bentley was good.  I like country music but I’m not in love with it.  We’re just mere acquaintances.

5.  I love these girls.  (See Exhibit 2)  Natalie, you totally should have been there.  But you weren’t.  So don’t be mad when I talk about how awesome The Man was for the next five years.

6.  The Man.  Jon Bon Jovi.  Awesome.  The band was awesome.  The crowd was awesome.  It was awesome. (See Exhibit 3)

7.  Except for the people sitting next to us.  They just sat there.  Like lumps of coal.  OK, melting lumps of coal because the heat index was something like 103.  Boring.

Note: Paco’s zoom isn’t fantabulous.  And I asked the golf expert in the box how far away we were.  He says about 200 yards.  Paco doesn’t do 200 yards very well.  The little lady in front of us – she got some stellar shots.  But sadly, I have not stalked her on Facebook to get them yet.  But I will.

8.  AHHHHH!!!!!  I was 200 yards away from THIS, people!!! (See Exhibit 4)

9a.  So I took part in a few libations.  But I really did drink a lot of water [because this chick was not going down before The Man came on stage].  So the pictures towards the end of the night… are a little goofy.  I have no idea why I make goofy faces, I know they never look good after the fact, but I do it anyway.  So yeah… (See Exhibit 5)

9b.  I told you so. :)

10.  I had THE BEST TIME EVER!  I really did.  I loved singing along and dancing in place and taking silly pictures… it was FANTASTIC!  And I love my friends for including me in their plan and I’m telling you, it would not have been the same without them.  No way, no how.

Exhibit 1

HullabaLOU: Friday

Exhibit 2

HullabaLOU: Friday

Exhibit 3

HullabaLOU: Friday

Exhibit 4

HullabaLOU: Friday

Exhibit 5

HullabaLOU: Friday

Found a YouTuber (I’m assuming that what you call them) that posted a small part of my most favoritest Bon Jovi songThank you, ChevalMugs for sharing your videos!  Reliving Friday on a Monday is fantastic!

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July 26, 2010 - 10:32 am

katie o. - so glad you had a blast!(see exhibit 5). :)

July 26, 2010 - 1:24 pm

Karen Stuebing - LOL. I’d say you had a good time. And Jon is still looking good too. Great post and photos.

August 3, 2010 - 11:50 pm

Trina - Looks like a friggen *blast*!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!

January 24, 2011 - 10:55 am

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