Week 49: Pink

There’s really not that much pink stuff around me.  Little bits here and there but for the most part, not that much.  I did get excited when I saw AmyHasBangs (one of my beautiful co-workers) had on a pink scarf but I couldn’t think of anything to do with her/it.  I resorted to something pink that everyone is familiar with instead.

Here is my pink:

Week 49: Pink

“Which one do you want: a white, a blue, a yellow or a pink?”  Nothing original or interesting.  Just something that is pink.  Inspiration has been lagging so I think there will be a break before another year-long challenge is kicked off.  Those of you that love it though – keep it up!  No one says you have to do it with a group.  Create your own challenge!

Next week’s subject is “bicycle”.  Which I’ve heard that photographs of bikes are really popular so don’t be afraid to share you photo with another flickr group; you may get some stellar feedback.  Don’t forget to check out our flickr group to see how everyone else captured pink.  And don’t forget to tune back in next week… with the blogiversary, I have a little something up my sleeve… but it has to wait until next week, you know, when I’m closer to a computer. :)

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