Lady Friends Outing

I already complained about the heat at Huber’s Orchard.  I’m over it – it’s so cool outside today and feels wonderful.  Mother nature has redeemed herself in my eyes.  But the reason I went to Huber’s with my lady friends was to surprise one friend (Navi) because she’s marrying our good friend Alan at the end of the month.  A surprise shower, if you will.

We got presents [of the personal nature], got a cake from Adrienne’s, shared sangria and laughs and picked pumpkins.  It was a fun afternoon – I always have fun with this group of women.  So does the kahuna.

The Cake

First things first – this cake was awesome.  Huge, but awesome.  Cherry vanilla.

I love you Adrienne’s.

And you’re 50 pound cakes.

Cake Decorations

The bride-to-be.  She’s pretty happy about the cake too.  That’s why we get along.

Nazzie sharing cake

OK, so outside the window where we were sitting was a family of something like 12 people.  With a lot of kids.  One kid in particular kept looking in, watching us eat cake.  Nazzie, being a mother a two, felt so sorry for the little guy and cut a chunk off the 50 pound cake for the family.  They laughed… but ate the cake.  I think Nazzie was trying to distract the kiddo from what was going to happen next.

First present

Yep.  Unmentionables.  That’s all you get.


OK, I’ll give you this.

That face was made over a pair of pajama pants.  Because they were that soft.  Soft enough to pass around the table at the family farm while people looked on in “I want to be with them because they have cake” stares.  I love it.

Thank you - Congratulations - We love cake.

And then the cuteness happened.  The kids who ate the cake, came inside to tell Navi thank you and congratulations.  It was really sweet.  Especially because they kept saying it to Nazzie – she was after all the cake delivery person.


Nazzie.  I love this gal.  She has beautiful babies.  She makes me loads of happy.

I saw her last night actually.  I was loads of happy last night.

Sangria has the same effect.

Tractor Ride

The dusty-as-hell tractor ride.  Guess who forgot to change their camera setting when they got outside?

*raises hand*


Nazzie is not a big fan of the outdoors.  The heat was annoying but the dusty tractor ride put her over the edge.  She’s telling Navi that the only thing that was keeping her happy at that very moment was her sangria.

See?  Sangria makes loads of happy.

So Clever

SheMohn’s so smart.  And talented.  And well balanced.

This homegirl can’t do that.  I mean me.


They were plotting how fast they could get out of the heat.  And likely get a refill.

Pair of...

Rachel’s pair of ‘kins.  Rachel played along in the weekly photo challenge.  And she has recently started her own weekly challenge.  If you like music and photography, this is for you.  A lyrical photo challenge.  Check it out on flickr.

Helluva Pumpkin

The ginormous pumpkin.  It was huge.  Her fingers can’t touch, people.

A fun [and hot] day.  It was, in a word, perfect.  And though I’ve said it dozens of times, I still believe it to be true so I’m going to say it again: The men my husband has befriended over the years have married the most amazing women.  We’re adding another one to the list on Halloween.

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October 15, 2010 - 11:09 am

Nazzie - Brooke, you are an amazing photographer and you always touch my heart because you are so awesome! Love you and so glad we have been able to spend some time together lately! Had a blast at Hubers with you and last night!! Can’t wait to get together again!

October 15, 2010 - 12:09 pm

Melanie - These make me kinda sad today, just because I miss all my girls so much! Looks like an amazing day and lots of fun!

October 15, 2010 - 12:37 pm

Victoria - Ahh… now the sangria makes sense.
I had this crazy idea of you roaming around a pumpkin patch, tipsy on sangria, and hallucinating from heat stoke. Whew…

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