I Don’t Exist

Usually when we have guests over, we get rid of the dogs.  Two dogs in a sea of people just make it harder.  But when the crowd’s small, there’s no reason to risk a dog jumping out of a window.  So on Saturday when we hosted Thanksgivmas with mi tres amigas and their significant others, the dogs were allowed to stay.

I love my doggins.  But when we have visitors they’re obnoxious and pushy.  They steal food.  They desire to have everyone’s attention they can possibly get.  Except mine.  From the time someone else steps in our house, I no longer exist in the eyes of the doggin.  Nope.  They’ve got to their fix from other humans, humans they don’t live with.


I laugh it off.  The abandonment of the doggins, that is.  I’m happy that people like our dogs.  I’m happy that people are happy when our dogs are obnoxious and pushy.  But deep down I’m a little sad.  Because I want to be their person.  Their only person.


So as Brian stroked Chase’s head and told her how she should be Kilo’s birthday present, I tell myself it’s OK.  Because when he’s gone, she’ll be mine again.  And because he’s going to have trouble getting her white bunny fur off his black sweater.

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December 7, 2010 - 9:50 am

Susan - I had to laugh out loud at that last sentence, because that’s *exactly* what I was thinking. Hee!

December 7, 2010 - 10:04 am

Debbie - Ah, how fickle our fur-kids are! Oh, well, at least they’re generous with their lovin’, and you can count on being Number One in their affections AFTER company leaves — and isn’t it cute how they leave a part of themselves ON your guests?!

December 7, 2010 - 5:42 pm

DOO DOO - I had someone tell me something in a similar manner, however it was a person whom was a grandfather that was jealous of the other grandfather. He felt that the his grandson love the other grandfather more than himself. He knew it was childish to feel that way, yet he couldn’t let go of it. The grandson would always tell him about all the gifts that he bought. The kind of gifts that he couldn’t afford. I asked him, how would he feel if the other grandfather didn’t have anything to do with him. He noted that it would be sad. I pointed out at least he is willing to show his love with gifts. However, I pointed out to him that if you ask the grandson what he would like best. Myself, I believe it would be the time that one is willing to share with him. Life experiences and the love that you express and share can never be bought. Some gifts are expensive, however some can never be bought, yet they are priceless.

Back to the dog. We all feel the sting once in awhile where we thought that we were the special one and that we stood out more than all the others. Looking at your dogs showing attention and licking those people seem to cut deep in your soul. You ask yourself how could my dogs make over them like that in front of me. Anytime something like this situation comes into your mind you should search your feelings to see whether or not you are truly being rational. Are you so sensitive that you can’t share your love without being threaten. Those that we love look at us with assurance that those that we share our lives with need to be loved also. A person that only buys a gift can never measure up to the person that shares their time and is willing to open their home to socialize with them. Those dogs know who loves them the most. They might be willing to share a pet or a lick, however they save those extra wet sloppy licks s for the ones that watches over them. Dogs are the most loving and unconditional of all pets.

The best way to explain this would be, would you rather have a person in your house that loved dogs or can’t stand being around them. It seems to me that your comfortable enough with these people to share your doggins with them. If these people care for you and more than likely they will accept your dogs. Dogs understand a persons mannerisms more that words spoken. I’m always telling you that you can’t have enough friends , however just knowing what kind of friends that you have makes the difference. I love to have friends that are dog lovers. I will never forget Crissy letting you friend rub her tits.

December 8, 2010 - 5:12 pm

omawarisan - You can be invisible too? It really is like having kids!

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