A Hat That’s Not A Hat – Yet


I know I’ve only knitted a handful of pieces but I didn’t think it was possible to like an unfinished piece so much.  But I do.  I adore it.  I couldn’t wait to photograph it.

I started on my All-Day Beret just after finishing a super secret knitting project [that I can’t tell you about yet because USPS is making it extremely hard to mail it].  But it started out rocky.  Very rocky.  Apparently, finding a size 5 16″ circular needle in this city is like trying to find someone who doesn’t like bourbon – it exists but it’s rare.  (Not as rare as a size 7 16″ circular needle, but that’s another project, another time.) 

PodMate had loaned me her interchangeable circular needles [to see if I would like them] and I thought I had it all planned out: I’ll use her nifty set to start the ribbed band and then move up to the larger needles.  Good plan in theory.  In actuality, it was a fail twice over.  Mostly because none of her connecting pieces made a 16″ needle.  Let’s just say I got some practice casting on.  And felt like a complete dummy on try numero dos.  Boo Brooke, boo.

Third times a charm.  After I found size 5 16″ circular needles in the fifth store I visited.  (That’s not a joke – what gives, craft stores in Louisville?)  I was a rocking and a rolling with the ribbing.  (K2 P2.  K2 P2.  K2 P2.  I could go all day.)  Until I did something that I have no idea how I did it or what exactly it was I did but it happened and I was stuck.  I tried to fix it over the holiday.  No dice.  The beginning of something good had to wait until vacation was over and knitting class was available again.  Ugh.

I was almost ready to snip the yarn and just start over.  (This girl was not going to rip it out.  You can call me lazy.  The yarn was already mad at me when I casted it on the third time though.)  But Bev, the knitting guru, swooped in and fixed it enough so that at least the tail was on the right side.  I was back in business.  And happy.

There are many a things I adore about this All-Day Beret.  One is the yarn; it’s easy to work with, feels good and I really like the color (it’s called “beach glass”).  Second is the pattern.  Aside from being free and oh-so-frickin-cute, it is going so fast.  I feel like I know what I’m doing.  (Um… so PodMate may have showed me how to SSK.)  I feel like a knitter.  I understand the pattern.  I understand what I’m knitting.  I’ve made one mistake since then and fixed it myself.  Does this mean I “get” it?

I think I’ll have it wrapped up by this weekend.  And I’m stoked about this.  Because I’m ready to wear it.  Oh jeez, it’s so cute!

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January 18, 2011 - 9:39 am

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - Love, love, love the photo. I still think all this knit-speak is madder than a hatter. But it makes for great pictures.

January 18, 2011 - 9:55 am

Debbie - I’m with you — gorgeous color! And if you finish it fast enough, you’ll still have plenty of winter to wear it in. I used to crochet, but I never tried knitting. Lucky you, to already be making cool stuff!

January 18, 2011 - 11:02 am

denise:) - Fabulous photograph… Gorgeous color…that is a beautiful hat that’s not a hat! I have yet to make any progress past knit/purl and i have a hard time with purl! I’m currently working on a chunky scarf but you inspired me to get serious and learn how to do something more than a plain, boring stockinette scarf.

January 18, 2011 - 11:06 am

CraftyCripple - It’s looking good. Can I offer you a piece of advice that transformed my knitting? Look up Magic Loop and knitting on YouTube or knittinghelp.com. This allows you to knit in the round on a longer circular needle than recommended, which prevents all the trauma with circular needle lengths.

You should be proud of yourself for fixing your mistake. That’s definitely when you are a “proper” knitter.

January 18, 2011 - 11:28 am

Brooke - @denise:) – Do! My first project was a chunky ribbed scarf; I was able to practice both the knitting and purling with it. I will say I’m an extremely lucky duck because I have so many experienced knitters around me and they show me how to do new stitches but Bev always reminds us that “every stitch is some form of a knit or a purl.” PodMate swears that there’s tutorials on YouTube and the likes that will “show” a new technique but I like the in-person tutorials best. The Stitch-N-Bitch book she got me is pretty wonderful too.
@ Crafty – I checked it out. I don’t have any needles that long or flexible but I can admit I said “that looks like it’s a pain the ass” out loud. I think as a beginner, I would mess up in some way… OK, I know I would. Maybe one day I can try Houdini looping but for now, I’ll stick with borrowing and hunting. I believe it would make for a happier me. :)

January 31, 2011 - 10:16 am

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