The One That Can Hear

The BDD.  Our Big Deaf Dog.  She does some seriously funny [and pretty dumb] stuff.  She also doesn’t mind when I point the camera in her direction.  So she gets more face time on le blog.  It makes sense.

Cute + Dumb + Doesn’t Move = Blog Fodder

But the little one, Chase, the one that can hear, she feels left out.  Her little doggin feelings are hurt.  She told me this over the weekend.

Really.  We had a heart-to-heart and I told her the truth: if she sat still long enough for me take some pictures, she’d have more posts dedicated to her.  And if she ever took the time to crawl around in the bath tub, stick her head in a pillow case or bark at stupid stuff, it’d be game on.  However, she doesn’t do these things.  She’s too dainty.  And too smart.  And too fast.

But I think she took our little conversation into consideration.  Me, the hubs and the doggins had been parked in front of the TV watching the Big East conference tournament (boo Kemba Walker, boo) and when I got up to do something, her little face peeked out from under the blanket.  I squealed with delight [because she’s a cute little bear] and I commanded her to stay as I grabbed Mac.

Needless to say, we both got something we wanted.


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March 14, 2011 - 10:12 am

Susan - Did you just hear me go “awwwwww” in my pod? Because I just did. Awwwwww!

March 14, 2011 - 12:01 pm

Melanie - I love me some Chasey bear! :)

March 15, 2011 - 10:14 pm

Whitney - Very cute! Tell her she is in the welcome pic, so she shouldn’t worry too much!

March 31, 2011 - 2:18 am

Tana @ Rise With the Sun - This is such a sweet photo! I love it in B&W!

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