The Final Birthday Hat

Something clicked this winter in the knitting department of my brain.  And since this click, I’ve been a maniac with needles and wool.  You should know… I share most of my projects with le blog… except for the Christmas ones… they must remain super secret for another nine months.  (I’m setting myself up for super secret fail.  I can feel it.)

I finally started a hat that my pal Abby had liked.  When I finished it, I decided to make one for Little Skipper too.  They were birthday hats. (One might have been belated… yeah, sorry about that.)  It only made sense that I make one for the final birthday, for Natalie’s birthday.  I fed my Ravelry addiction and searched for a new pattern, something different.  I found a few but after a little reassurance from PodMate, I casted on.  So glad I did.

Birthday Meret

It’s a Mystery Beret.  Or, a Meret.  It has such a pretty pattern and knitted up marvelously.  Don’t get me wrong, I had two major boo-boos but I was able to correct them myself.  (By the way, I might have felt like Wonder Woman after I did.)  The red is a bit off in the photo (Photoshop failed me) but the bamboo wool is a dark red, rightly named Lipstick. So so pretty.  Natalie’s reaction last night only makes it better.

I kind of want to make another one now but I have some other tricks up my sleeves.  Possibly more super secret knitting… maybe a project for myself… the possibilities are endless… but I know I’m loving my new hobby.

*Yummy Birthday Beret: Meret (Mystery Beret) by Woolly Wormhead.  Free pattern available through

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March 15, 2011 - 9:45 am

Victoria - Ohhhh… I have that in my favorites on Ravelry.
Very nice! It looks fabulous!

March 15, 2011 - 10:34 am

Susan - So pretty! You did a fantastic job – I’m so glad Natalie likes it! :)

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