Week 20: Tracks

I put a spin on this week’s subject.  Nothing track-worthy was coming to mind.  But leaving tracks, or more like leaving a trail, popped into my head last Friday after a bag of candy was left at the office.  I immediately had inspiration.

Here is my tracks:

Week 20: Tracks

If only I had E.T. to model that day.  I settled on fabulous co-worker Lauren since there were no aliens to call on for help.  I think she did a stellar job.

The Reese’s Pieces were left in the lunch room and I grabbed a handful of them to snack on.  RP’s make me think of my Big Bro.  They also remind me of E.T.  And then I thought that I could possibly pass a trail of RP’s for “tracks.”  Well, it counts in my mind.

Go check out the Flickr group to see how everyone else photographed “tracks”.  Next week is the 21st week of the challenge – we’re moving right along!  And our new subject will be ANGER.

Might be time to turn the camera on yourself.  Good luck and happy snapping!

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