Week 23: Open

I started scribbling down my ideas last Wednesday.  I had so many ideas.  But I was uncertain how to even approach the ideas.  How does one photograph “open minded?”  Or “open ended?”  My mind was in the gutter so Monday I decided to take a more obvious route.  I happen to be pleased with the final product.

Here is my open:

Week 23: Open

I like the soft focus.  I like how the pages melt into the background.  I like the small reflection underneath.  And I like that it’s centered.  I usually don’t care for spot-on, completely centered frames.  But I like it for this one.

I tried several things with the book idea.  Books opened and stacked, different focal lengths, different angles… but the one book alone was the shot that held my interest.  It’s not busy.  It’s simple.  I dig.

I’ll be visiting the Flickr Group in just a minute and I’m hoping to see how one captures “open minded” and “open ended.”  This is a subject that can be taken in a hundred different directions and I’m excited to see what everyone else cooked up.  You should be too.

Next week’s subject is SHADOW.  Keep up the good work – it’s so refreshing to see how many folks are staying up on the challenge this year!  Good luck with this week’s subject and happy snapping!

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