So Sorry, Big Deaf Dog


All the doggins want to do is go outside.  Well, that and eat.  But mostly go outside.  The BDD wants it so so bad.

Unfortunately, our backyard is unfit for doggins.  Beside the lack of fence that keeps them from escaping [and we all know how the BDD likes to escape at the most inconvenient places and times], it’s a bit under construction.  Our deck had been falling apart, nails popping up (nails, not screws), boards rotting through – it was poorly built and was in dire need for some tender loving care.

At first we were unsure if we could rebuild the deck this year – all the rain that April brought put our sump pump under an unexpected strain and budgets had to be evaluated.  But in the end, we decided to not start from scratch but instead reface it.  So our friends wouldn’t fall through it when they visited.  But with a few tweaks.  Including a pergola.

At least I think it’s a pergola.

I wish I could tell you more about it but the truth is I have no idea what it’s suppose to look like because someone decided to keep the blueprint in his noggin and not put it on paper.  Why?  Who knows.  Maybe he’s trying to keep an element of surprise.  Or drive me batty.  But I will say so far, the skeleton looks lovely.  And I’m excited about the few planks of cedar that have been laid.

The doggins?  Not so excited.

There are bits of wood and sawdust everywhere.  The rusted nails we removed (I did indeed help and have the guns to prove it) were so rusted that quite a few just popped up into the air.  Who knows where they landed.  The backyard is not safe for doggins.  Even going out back to toss the ball has been put on hold.

The Big Deaf Dog just doesn’t get it.  So she sits and stares out the windows.  And doesn’t care that it’s a bazillion degrees outside.


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June 9, 2011 - 1:30 pm

Rachel - I feel your pain. When Brian was replacing a section of fence, I had to keep taking the dogs out front to go potty. Luckily Buster knows enough to stick around, but Roxy will definitely escape at any free opportunity. Luckily, when Brian was putting up the fence it was a lot nicer(cooler) outside.

June 11, 2011 - 1:15 pm

omawarisan - Poor pup! Hey for what its worth, once things are done, when I had my roof replaced the guys had this big roller that was a magnet. They just rolled it over the yard and got all the nails etc up. I guess you can rent something like that to protect everyone’s feet.

Of course you can just buy one because, hey, rolling magnet.

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