Week 24: Shadow

I experimented this week.  And although I didn’t get the photo I envisioned, I did learn about lighting a little bit.  Only a little bit.  I also learned that I need to give myself more than seven minutes to experiment.  But out of those seven minutes, I snapped a photo that I like and it definitely has some shadow.

Here is my shadow:

Week 24: Shadows

Fabulous co-worker to the rescue!  And the cool thing about these seven minutes is that Craigtron was teaching me at the same time.  He’s a photographer, even studied photo-journalism at WKU, but for some reason doesn’t play along in the WPC.  I don’t know why – I guess he’s too cool for school.

We tried a few different set-ups but the harsh light and shadows weren’t achieved until we removed all other light except for the one source out of the room.  I’m not a strobe girl so all suggestions were made by Craigtron.  (This is where the learning came in.)  The only issue I really have with it is the crop – I only had my 50mm and not enough room.  (In all seriousness, the 35mm has completely spoiled me and I always forget how much zoom that 50mm has when I use it now.)  If I had framed the photo differently and zoomed out some, I might love it.  But I have what I have and I just like it.

Don’t forget to link on over to the Flickr Group and see how every one else photographed “shadow.”  And there’s the Challenger Roll up top – I’ll be updating it today with any new participants.  Moving on to next week, Week 25, we’ll be photographing PERSON.  We already enjoy including family and friends in our weekly challenge but it will be fun to see a person in every submission next week!  Good luck and happy snapping!!

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June 17, 2011 - 12:48 pm

Michael - I love my 50mm too. But it’s so limiting on a cropped sensor. Dying for a full frame.

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