Week 8: White

The Big Deaf Dog.  What a handful this dog was yesterday.  Only 24 hours in a day and she manages to make me laugh, make me mad, make me laugh again and then frustrate me.  Usually, all she does is sleep on Sundays.  Not yesterday.

I think she had ants in her pants.

This dog has mastered the art of getting into the kitchen trash can.  For four years, we’ve been able to keep the doggins out of the trash (with an occasional slip up) but the BDD can take her honker of a nose and open the top on the trash can.  With such ease that I’m not even hearing it open any more.

At first, it was funny.  But then she kept dumpster diving.  Not twice, not thrice but six times.  What did she dive for, you ask?

  1. The bacon dripping infused paper towel used earlier that morning.
  2. A plastic wrap that the hubs took off a deck light.
  3. Left over brownies that had been tossed.  (I know… sad.  RIP brownies)
  4. Broccoli stalk.
  5. Broccoli stalk.
  6. Broccoli stalk.

The last two times, all I heard was the cruch from her biting into the broccoli stalk.  Every time she got in the can, she got yelled at [which is more or less a finger wagging fiercely in front of her face because we got that deaf thing going on].  Every time I made her drop what was in her mouth.  Every time she told me what she thought by giving me a low grumble.  We did this six times.  By the third time, I was ready to duct tape it close.

Needless to say, I started shopping for a new can online yesterday and I cannot believe how frickin expensive they are.  Even if I use a sacred BedBathBeyond coupon, it appears as though I’ll be forking over at least $100 for a BDD-proof can.  Gah.

In other BDD news, she also gave us a laugh.  The hubs has deck flooring in up to the door so the back door is usable once more.  There’s not exactly stairs but that’s just a technicality at this point.  We decided to take the doggins out back and let them run for a few minutes.  Chase jumped right down.  She is, after all, the smart dog.  The BDD… no so much.

She kept going to the areas where there used to be steps.  Only to see no steps.  We laughed.  Back and forth, back and forth, she just couldn’t figure it out.  She could have easily walked out onto the deck and then drop off less than two feet but that’s too easy; instead she jumped four feet where the stairs used to be.  She was happy in the yard, ran the fence with the neighbor’s dogs, ate grass, practiced being a yard cow – she was on cloud nine.

But then we had to get her back in.  Getting her back on the deck proved to be more challenging than we expected.  Oh BDD…


I love this doggin but sometimes I swear she has a box of rocks for a brain.

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June 20, 2011 - 10:10 am

CraftyCripple - My friend has a huge granite pestle and mortar that sits on top of her trash can lid. Their Labrador can’t get into that now and they get a work out whenever they need to throw anything away.

June 20, 2011 - 12:49 pm

Rachel - Aren’t doggins the best? Especially when you are having a bad day and they know how to make you smile.
Roxy will eat just about anything. We call her our goat. Luckily she hasn’t figured out how to get into the trashcan, but our dogs are a little shorter than yours!!

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