Week 27: Nighttime

Maybe about 15 minutes after I posted the new subject last week, I realized it was perfect.  Being the week of the Fourth of July, “nighttime” would give people a chance to experiment with exposures and tripods and capture some beautiful fireworks.  I didn’t feel like walking to my car to get my tripod so I poke around the house to see what I could find.

Here is my nighttime:

Week 27: Nighttime

Not exactly what I had in my mind but I do like the perspective.  Being close to the ground (or rather on the ground).  The light peaking through, causing the reflections on the floor.  The nosy BDD who can’t seem to stay out of the lime light (or my way).  And because I was shooting inside and trying to capture the darkness, I had to manually set up my camera.  The camera is too smart and would have slowed down the shutter speed, trying to let more light in, to brighten up the scene.  But guess what?  I’m smarter.

Head on over to the WPC Flickr Group to see how others captured “nighttime”.  Me thinks there will be some lovely firework shots to peruse.  There’s also the Challenger Roll if you feel the need to exercise your mind.

Week 28 is up to bat and our subject this week will be SURPRISE.  Hmmm… time to put on my thinking cap… I need coffee first though.  Good luck this week and happy snapping!

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