Today is weird. So we need a list.


  • On the news this morning, I heard about the water main break down by UofL’s campus.  Then I see certain buildings downtown are closed for the day due to said water main break.  Then my phone rings at 7am, I answer it dripping wet after running from the shower and it’s a fabulous co-worker.  Yep.  Office is closed.  Must pick up laptop to work from home.  I took a personal day yesterday.  Today, this very instant, I’m sitting at my desk with two computers.  It feels weird.  But I’m not complaining. I have two furry assistants that do nothing but sleep all day.
  • So while I’m attempting to set up the work lappy with the home network, I hear voices.  First thought was people are outside the window or in the driveway because they are loud.  No people outside any windows.  I open the basement door and it gets louder.  I take to the basement stairs with my trusty fly swatter (it’s seriously all that was within reach, people) to hear an interview going on down stairs.  I find that the audio box [that’s connected to all that TV stuff] [I have no idea what’s called in real life] [not the brightest crayon in the box before coffee] had turned itself on to the cable.  Maybe my poking around the router and cords upstairs did it?  I have no idea.  But I was totally Creepied McCreeperson.
  • But I had a fly swatter so all was good in the hood.
  • You should probably know that I was unsuccessful setting up my lappy to the home network.  But I found the wireless key.  Fingers crossed that’s enough.
  • So about a week ago I had a bout with the Mac Daddy.  Specks of dust were in my line of vision and I decided to tackle the insides and clean the focus screen.  Did it on the kahuna, why not try it on the Mac.  I tell you fine people the truth: JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!  After messing with the dang focus screen for 45 minutes, I completely ruined it.  When I say “ruined it,” I mean the gal behind the counter at the repair place actually laughed at me.
  • What I learned?  Live with the specks of dust, they’ll probably go away eventually.  Or frazzle yourself into a frenzy and then feel better only when you pay someone $35 to undo your mistake.  Now I just have to wait for it come in and then be installed.  Thank you A1 Camera Repair.
  • The good thing is that the camera is absolutely fine.  Everything works and the images look great – it just looks like poo through the viewfinder.  Because that’s where the focus screen is.  Learn from me.  Don’t touch it.  Just walk into another room for an hour and you’ll completely forget about the stupid dust.
  • After the recommendation of Bota Box from Miss Amy at Fix It Or Deal, I think I’ve found my new favorite thing in the world.  Box wine may not sound classy or look classy or have anything classy about it but it tastes good.  And it’s inexpensive.  And it keeps for 30 days.  Meaning I can have one glass of wine with dinner on Tuesday, drink none on Wednesday and it’s still fresh as morning dew when I pour another on Thursday.  Genius.
  • Not only does she give good wine recommendations, she makes Friday afternoons more interesting with Twitter.  I questioned Twitter in the beginning… now I have no idea why. #itmakesmehappyyall
  • I finished a knitting project and already gifted it.  She received it this morning.  Me thinks it will be hitting the blog this week.
  • It’s a scorcher outside, people.  Glasses fogging up at 6:30am is not cool.  Stay inside, drink fluids and trying to avoid the Devil’s breath that is lingering outside your door.
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July 12, 2011 - 10:30 am

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - I haven’t tried Bota Box but if you can get your hands on a box of Le Petit Frog, grab it. Just remember that one 3L box of wine = 4 bottles. Which could make those tweets much more interesting!

July 12, 2011 - 10:37 am

J. Smith - My glasses fogged this morning too! Though sadly I still have to be here at work. They said “bring water to drink”…gee thanks.

July 12, 2011 - 10:50 am

Amy - So glad you loved the wine! Box wine has come a long way, and while it may not yet be “classy” it’s no longer considered “pure white trash.” Besides, once it’s in the glass (tumbler, Solo cup) who cares, right?
You totally made my Friday afternoon! Seriously.
Y’all, Brooke totally tweeted me a hashtag lymerick. I choked up a little reading it.

Stay cool! And try to avoid the “working from home, why not have some wine with lunch” temptation.

July 12, 2011 - 12:49 pm

Melissa - I love your lists. I also love your tweets and hashtags. And I love your knitting talent. Thanks again a million tims for the sweet gift. Beck will love it. And if he doesn’t he will have to wear it anyway. Because I said so! (see, I got this mom thing down already! )

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