Week 33: Urban

I cannot tell a lie.  Well, I totally can but I won’t.

I dropped the ball this week.  Well, I almost dropped the ball this week.

Here is my urban:

Week 33: Urban

I took this photo at a 3:30pm yesterday.  And with a hoopla of weirdness and inconvenience going on at work, I only had 10 minutes to walk around and find the most “urban” thing I could find within a two block radius.   The most “urban” thing I could find was grungy walls and graffiti.  I could have gotten something really cool if I tried, but I didn’t.  Sometimes the weekly challenge isn’t just about challenging yourself creatively but challenging your time management.

I’m over this week, let’s move on to Week 34.  Our new subject to capture will be ABSTRACT.  I have a feeling I’ll be employing my dictionary this week to wrap my mind around this one.  Good luck to you and happy snapping!

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