Ethan {newborn}

Our dear friends Emily and Brent welcomed their third baby, their third son, into this world only a few short weeks ago.

This one is named Ethan.
Baby Ethan

He was five days old when I met him and photographed him.  And maybe cuddled him.  I love new babies.  So small.  And everything is a big deal.  From the squirms, to the eye contact, to the stretches and the unmentionable, involuntary actions… very big deals.

Baby Ethan

Emily made this look easy.  I guess by the time the third one rolls around, you are a pro.

Ethan is perfect.  From his little face to his little head of hair, he is perfect.  I imagine in a couple years though, he’ll be just like his big brothers Collin and Lucas.  (I feel I need to add that Collin and Lucas are a hoot.  Hilarious mini-versions of their father.  The things they say out loud seriously sends me into giggles.  Collin playing Rock Band at three makes for very good entertainment.)

Baby Ethan

Congratulations to our friends – we’re so glad everyone is happy and healthy.  And we can’t wait to see your third boy in action with some Legos in the next few years.

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September 1, 2011 - 4:16 pm

katie o. - so precious!!

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