Long Weekends Are My Fave

With a long weekend in front of us, my Mom and I made plans to visit my brother and his clan on Saturday.  All four kids were home, we caught up on work and school and the farmers market.  And the time flew by.  I wish they lived closer.  Not only so I could make fun of my brother more often but so I could visit the kids.

My youngest niece is is starting preschool today.  The 11 year old niece (who I affectionately call Monkey) is now in middle school and has a mouth full of braces.  My only nephew has made the shift from Hot Wheels to anything that references the walking dead.  And the Angry One, my oldest niece, is becoming a young lady at sixteen.  Where has the time gone?

All we did was visit on this trip because it was hot as all get out.  But I snapped a few photos while we hung out inside.

The Monkey has become quite the crocheter and knits when she’s with my Mom.  She wanted to make a pair of wrist warmers and so we got her started on her double pointed needles for the first time.  No doubt she rocked it after we left.

Knitting Niece

Knitting Niece

My youngest niece is almost four now.  And she was a ball of energy to reckoned with.  She crashed and burned after a few hours but of course that was way after I climbed all over and growled at numerous times.  She’s quite the character.

Sleepy Niece

Sleepy NieceThey look so innocent when they’re tired, no?  (Don’t be fooled.)

I’m looking forward to our next visit.  I’m hoping to head north again in November and get this brood outdoors for some new family photos.  I can only imagine how much fun we would have together.  Just know I miss you guys already and I’m counting the days.

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