Listastic Tuesday

  • Yes.  It’s one of those days.  Quite possibly one of those weeks.  I should take bets on how long my left eye will continue to twitch.  Or if this is the year I finally get that ulcer I keep talking about.  Actually, it isn’t that bad.  Yet.  My day job just has very cyclical work.  Like the kind that only happens in fourth quarter.  Gah.
  • To take my mind off of my very cyclical  work flow, I have a house guest this week.  She comes in the form of an action figure and since toting her around in my purse, I now realize I am in-cre-di-bly-bor-ing.  Seriously boring.  I couldn’t get more vanilla if I tried.  But her lame visit to the Ville is being documented – I’ll let you know when it will grace the interwebs.
  • I want to talk about Louisville football.  But I don’t want to talk about Louisville football.  I will say I’m looking forward to the first Saturday home game so I can tailgate.  And nachos.
  • A new experience this week: live Irish music.  While I’ll admit I don’t know much about Irish history or their music, if they keep coming back with songs about redheads with glass eyes and wooden legs and refer to them as “beer goggle beauties,” the probability of me sticking around is higher.  If there’s beer, we can inch up that probability a bit more.
  • Our power was out last night.  Not a huge deal as it wasn’t hot as all get out, but it was dark.  And I had brought home a little stack of work that required me using Excel.  And that didn’t happen so much.  But I’m positive now that our power goes out way too often.  Annoyingly often.  Especially when our next door neighbor has lights on and I’m sitting in the dark playing Angry Birds on the hubs’ tablet while being smothered by a big deaf dog.  *jealous*
  • Would you believe it if I told you I haven’t taken my photo for this week’s challenge yet?  I know.  You believe it.  (Hate the game, not the player.)  The good thing is I know exactly what I want to photograph.  The bad thing is I keep losing light before I can snag it.  Tonight. Is. The. Night.
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September 13, 2011 - 10:43 am

J. Smith - You need live Scottish music. It’s awesome. Remind me to take you to a festival sometime. I’m actually considered royalty at the Highland Games b/c of my lineage. You would like it. Lots of yummy food and music and dancing and beer. :) Also I am having a rotten week too. I blame the full moon.

September 15, 2011 - 9:57 am

omawarisan - Is there any event that isn’t improved by tailgating?

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