Let Sleeping Doggins Lie

If someone asked me what the single, most fantastic purchase I’d made in the last year has been, I might be inclined to say that it was my camera, a new lens or maybe even those black pants that fit like they were made for me.  But I’d be lying.  Because the single, most fantastic purchase the hubs and I have made in the past year would be our new mattress.

After spending the last seven years on my “Labor Day Special” mattress I bought as a college student (that’s important to note… because I was broke but took the time to “invest” in a mattress for me and my soon-to-be husband), I never knew there could be sleep like this.  OK, I’d be lying again, because I do sleep like a baby in hotels.  (The Sheraton has the best beds, hands down.)  But at home?  I look forward to the moments I crawl into bed now.

And apparently so does the doggins.

Out of all mammals that reside in our home, the BDD has spent the most time on the new bed.  She has found a comfort that can never be compared to again and spends her afternoons lounging alone in our bedroom.  I read somewhere once that deaf dogs prefer not to be alone.  And that is true.  As long as they’re not napping.

The doggins put themselves to bed early last week.  And I just to grab the camera.  Passed out puppies are my favorite.





I have no problem pushing them out of my way when it’s my turn to take over the bed.  But I – literally – let the sleeping dogs lie.  It was the least I could day after their full day of napping in a crate.


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September 27, 2011 - 4:49 pm

Michael Moore - cute dogs really love the photo’s and love your work will defiantly keep an eye on your work.

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