Week 38: Game

You didn’t think I was going to make it, did you?

I had an idea for “game” this week and I almost pulled it off how I envisioned it.  Without a football game to attend over the weekend (the Cards played in Lexington… the outcome was positive), I knew the TV was part of my photo.  And I wanted a silhouette.  So close to how I wanted it but it’ll do.

Here is my game:
Week 38: Game

I wanted a wider shot and I couldn’t pull it off.  The light just wouldn’t play nice with me backing out of this frame.  And the TV is overexposed which wasn’t my goal – I wanted the field and players to be more defined… not so bokeh-y and blown out.  Big thanks to the hubs who helped me out.  I love how I see his earlobe just peaking out of the silhouette.

Go ahead and make your way to the Flickr group to see how everyone else captured “game”.  I haven’t even had the chance to sneak over myself yet so feel free to report back how awesome it is.  Moving on to Week 39, we’ll be looking and photographing GREEN.  I’m happy another color popped up – we’re starting to run out of week and having them spread out is much easier on the brain.  As always, happy snapping!

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