Week 39: Green

I don’t know how people do it.  How you can work over 40 hours a week, exercise, cook, clean… I’m really beginning to think the folks who can pull everything off and still have freshly pressed clothes are aliens.  Because I cannot.  The day job has picked up it’s usual faster fourth quarter pace and I’m doing everything to just keep up.

Like my laundry room and kitchen sink, this week’s photo falls in the slacker category.  The days got away from me.  My plan was to take my “green” photo at work because I can usually find inspiration in the office (fabulous co-workers and all).  But I was way too consumed and it slipped my mind.  So when I got home yesterday, I pulled the old “find something green and take a picture of it” stunt.  Oh yeah, I’m that girl.

Here is my green:

Week 39: Green

I like green.  I own a lot of green.  I wore a green jacket yesterday.  My adorable key fob Abby gave me is green.  I have pops of green in my clown-colored purse.  And this was the first and only green I pointed my camera at.  Disappointing?  Sure.  But at least I can say I didn’t miss my own deadline.

Check out everyone else’s “green” photos at the Flickr Group – there’s some goodies.  Eyes on the future, we’re rolling into Week 40.  WEEK 40!!  Next week is October!!  How does this happen!!  Anyway, for Week 40 we’ll be focusing on TECHNOLOGY.  It’s everywhere – think outside of the box and push yourself.  I’ll definitely try to do the same.

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September 30, 2011 - 6:15 am

Mary Beth - Hey, at least you took a photo right? At least you cared enough not to brush it off and not do it at all. Give yourself a pat on the back and then, once you find those aliens, can you send them my way? I’ve got some ironing that has waited so long I’m afraid it’s going to join forces and take over my house! I too have no idea how other people do it. I get up super early and still at times manage to run ten paces behind myself all day. That’s why I’m reading blogs at 6:00 am. But, it is Friday and I’ve read some great stuff so there is that :). And I’ve gotten a chance to take a look at your lovely photo. I love green. I wish I wore it more. I wear a lot of black and it seems to always stand out and compliment it so well. It’s why I keep telling my boyfriend about emeralds. I need lots of emeralds.

October 4, 2011 - 12:06 pm

Amanda - I happen to like this “green” picture! And let me just tell you, all that stuff you said at the beginning? I have NO idea how people do it. Add a kid or two and all of the homework and extra-cirriculars into the mix and you’ve got a super-woman of which I am painfully envious.

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