Week 42: Square

I wish I might, I wish I may, Have the time to blog today.

The blog gods are shining down on me for five minutes.  I must take advantage of it!

My thinking cap was broken this week.  And I didn’t even attempt to take a “square” photo until yesterday.  But I’m pleased with what I got.  All thanks to the random things you find lying around an ad agency.

Here’s my square:

Week 42: Square

Lots of squares.  Two squares on top of more squares.  I’m telling you, between the fabulous co-workers and the stuff we have in this place, the office is a land mine of goodies.

As I was trying different POVs and DOFs, I wasn’t happy with the shadows the bright light was creating.  But once I got it on the big screen at home, I immediately went monochromatic.  And I dig the black and white.  This week was kind to me on the WPC front.

Head on over to the Flickr group with me.  Leave a few comments.  Make some folks smile.   And for Week 43 our new subject will be BLUE.  Good luck and happy snapping!

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