What You Been Up To?

There hasn’t been many dull moments the last few weeks.  Crunch time at the office, full-on editing at home in the evenings… it’s been go-go-go which is why I haven’t written anything personal lately.  But a list is gonna change that today.

  • I’ve had some wonderful photo sessions in the past couple weeks and I have even more coming up in the next few.  There’s nothing more satisfying than smiling back at the faces in the images while I’m editing and getting excited to share them.  There’s plenty coming up, I promise!
  • But if you can’t wait, there are a few sneak peeks on Facebook.
  • I have fallen victim to peer pressure this month.  First in the form of hosting a jewelry party at my home.  Second… well… there’s thing called Twilight that I’ve never really cared about…
  • Twilight Lunch [twahy-lahyt luhnch], noun – A midday meal that involves watching the Twilight movies with fabulous co-workers in an effort to relive vampire-werewolf-teenage-love-triangle in time for new a movie.  May span over several days due to limited one-hour lunch breaks.
  • Yes.  That happened.  Never read the books (although I want to now), never cared to watch the teenage angst unfold with fangs and fur (but it’s been quite enjoyable) and never thought I’d admit that I like (but I kind of do).  Gah.  What is happening to me?!
  • More peer pressure: I’m attending a midnight showing with said fabulous co-workers tonight.  I have two fears.  One is that I won’t be able to stay awake.  The other is running into someone I know.
  • I seriously just took up four five bullets to talk about Twilight.  I must be ill.
  • On a completely different note, I have discovered the best boots in the world.  I actually discovered them on another lady’s foot and asked her if Frye boots were really worth the money and then she told me her secret.  I bought them and have been wearing all the live long day.  I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes.
  • I also fell in love with an L-series lens.  A friend let me borrow his Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L for a wedding and man, they don’t call it luxury for nothing.  I’ve started a little piggy bank in hopes of purchasing my own L-series lens.  But I’ll probably go with a prime because I have the hots for them.  And I’ll probably have to wait a while as the piggy bank will have to grow a lot first.
  • I also fell down.  Again.  On the deck.  I had the BDD on a lead early Saturday morning and she saw something she had to get.  With the deck frosted over, homegirl had her feet slip out from under her, slippers flew off and banged my head.  This is not the first time… and I’m seriously contemplating that helmet now.
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November 17, 2011 - 9:39 am

J. Smith - Don’t be ashamed of Twilight love. The books are way better. Not great literature by any means but great fluff reading. Besides, you’re not really insane until you have a maternity shirt that says “My little Nudger” in white glitter over the bump. I’m hoping that reference made it into the movie. We’ll find out tonight I suppose. Although I can’t go until Saturday. Mary always has a huge group of people go watch together. And so we shall. :)

November 17, 2011 - 11:56 am

Elizabeth - Okay….Call me a hater. A Twilight hater, that is. (Well, me and all the jr high and high school boys in the world.) I honestly tried, with all my might, to read the books. I just couldn’t do it. Not because the story was bad, but because the writing was. But, I guess, to be fair, they were written for tweens and young adults….but then again, I very much enjoyed the Hunger Games series, which was totally written for young adults, but the writing was just so much better.
I do wish you well, though, with your Twilight adventures! Have fun!
But, I swear, if you start writing a ton of posts about the Cullen family, I’ll unsubscribe!!!!

As far as and L series lens, save more coinage for the 70-200mm 2.8!!!!! I’m promise, promise, you will NOT be disappointed!! It’s fast and it makes beautiful portraits!! See if you can borrow one from someone, or rent one. Just try it before you purchase a prime first. For me.
(On that note, I am hoping my next …prime… lens will be an 85mm. But, for now, I love my 70-200 soooo very much.)

Have a great weekend!

November 17, 2011 - 12:07 pm

denise;) - Those boots are identical – are they heavy? Mine are very heavy and stiff when it’s cold, hard to get my feet into at times! So you may have the better deal if yours aren’t heavy and last as long!

About that Twilight bit. I’m going with friends Sunday to see the movie, and I’m dreading it. I loved the books and was embarrasingly crazed about it at the time (2 years now?) but have since lost interest. I HATED the first movie with a purple passion. It was HORRIBLE. I never saw the next movies, even tho there was a better director and a bigger budget. Now i’m going to see the latest with my friends only because I miss them and want to hang out! Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book but admittedly, I’m curious about the baby. Perhaps a pre-movie cocktail will help change my attitude!! The books are fun if you want to get sucked into a series for a while.

But of course, if you’re going to get sucked into teen reading, be sure to check out The Hunger Games- OMIWERD!! Very compelling. And that movie comes out in March.

A helmet might be a good idea during the winter, just for letting the doggins out!

November 25, 2011 - 9:26 pm

Mary Beth - I’ve never seen or read Twilight. I happen to find both the male and female leads for the movies handsome/pretty/good looking ish but, I don’t know if that’s enough to propel me to the theater. I mean, Bradley Cooper – I’m there. George Clooney, I’m there. Twilight? I just don’t know if I can make the commitment. On a separate note, I’ve promised myself not to look at the link provided in the boots bullet because I will need to rent a trailer if I buy another pair of shoes but, I’m not sure how much longer I can resist. Wish me luck.

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