Week 50: Pink

I’m happy to say that this week not only did I have an idea of what I wanted, but I had a plan and I executed it before Tuesday.  How ’bout them apples?  Actually, them apples surprised me so I gave myself a high-five to celebrate.

Here is my pink:

Week 50: Pink

I’ve been wanting to do a self-portrait.  It’s been awhile.  I needed one.  Even though I rarely like what I look like in photos, I definitely needed one.  (I may have wanted to employ my remote… maybe.)  And while I had no fantastic ideas for a self-portrait, I decided that “pink” would be it.  I don’t own a lot of pink but I evaluated all pink-ish clothing in my closet and this sweater was the winning bid.

I was also winning with taking a five minute break at work.  White walls, decent light – it makes a difference, my friends.

OK, so make your way to the Flickr group – from the quick glance I’ve taken, there’s some interesting photographs this week.   We only have two weeks left with the WPC{2011} and I have a hard time believe we are that close to the end of the year.  So next wee, Week 51, we’ll be capturing STILLNESS.  Interpret it as you will.  Good luck and have fun – can’t wait to see what you share next week!

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December 14, 2011 - 10:32 am

Susan - You are so freakin’ adorable.

December 15, 2011 - 3:23 am

Dawn - 1. LOVE this photo. It’s just so you.

2. I am so, SO behind on this. Everything went off the rails in October/November, yo. I’m convinced I’m going to get caught up, but I’m also aware that if I do, it’s because I’ll have gotten crazy with the iPhone photos. Which I am totally OK with at this point. (That said, I was doing really, REALLY good up until then. I’ve never lasted that long with one of these things, ever!)

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